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Hey There Friend

The world is a messy place- I think. Wait, yeah I'm getting reports in that it is in fact a mess. But you don't have to be. So hold onto anything positive that you find. 
Because when life hands you lemonade-- spend years researching chemistry and alchemy to learn how to deconstruct the lemonade and extract the lemon DNA from the liquid and grow your own lemons because WHY WOULD LIFE JUST GIVE YOU THE LEMONADE FIRST? LEMONS!!!!
Some good things come easy. Enjoy them.

Enjoy your lunch.

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If Only Superhero Movies Were More Like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
"The animated film, which features an impressive ensemble, is exuberant and inventive in a way that big-screen comic-book projects often forget to be."
Appetizer (4 min) | The Atlantic

Inside Venezuela’s YouTube prank economy
Some people would do anything for five dollars, just ask any sophomore in College.
Entrée (7 min) | Vox

Did Free Pens Cause the Opioid Crisis?
"What Big Pharma knows about people’s hardwired instinct to reciprocate when given a gift"
Starter (5 min) | The Atlantic

These Simple Tips May Prevent Holiday Weight Gain, Study Suggests
Just run around the country turning off any speaker playing "Baby It's Cold Outside."
Appetizer (4 min) | Live Science

Get matched to your favorite wine
So, you like drinking wine - but do you know which wines you like? This quiz narrows down your perfect wine by using questions like ‘what’s your favorite type of chocolate?’ to map your taste buds to 100+ wines. The Lunch Read readers can receive a $45 Bright Cellars credit today. Take the quiz to see your top match.
Sponsored Snack | Bright Cellars

The best doesn’t exist. A psychologist explains why we can’t stop searching.
"Psychologist Barry Schwartz on the allure of a doomed mission."
Dessert (6 min) | Vox

The 5 Best Holiday Drinks From U.S. Coffee Chains, Ranked
Just as long as it gets us through the year.
Dessert (3 min) | Huff Post

Art made by AI is selling for thousands - is it any good?
The machine uprising began with a single stroke.
Dessert (3 min) | BBC
You better watch out. You better watch out. You better watch out. You better watch out. You better watch out. You better watch out. 
Songs That My Friend John Says Are Cool
Heat Wave by Snail Mail
Sure by Hatchie
Every Single Time by Halfnoise
I gotta be honest, I didn't watch the whole video, but I skipped halfway through and they had Paris Hilton whispering into a microphone while shucking corn and I kind of fell in love with this video. Still haven't watched it all. But I love it... She just asked if the unshucked corn was cooked. I love this video.
@Bai_Golden: I’m at the point in my life where I check my email as part of my social media line up
Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day and all the gifts you plan to buy go on sale.
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