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Spring Procrastinating

Oh hey another intro about Spring. Now I know what you're thinking, "hey you did that last week because you said you had something planned for this week!" Yes...yes I did (it'll be ready next week).
Flowers are starting to bloom, it's light jacket weather, Bon Iver won't be back for 6 to 7 months, and if you're from anywhere where it is not roughly 55-73 degrees Fahrenheit- you want me to shut up right now.

Enjoy your lunch.

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7 in 10 Americans are avoiding difficult conversations at work — here's how to tackle them
I don't think tackling our co-workers is the best option here.
Appetizer (5 min) | NBC

Why did this man use HIV as a weapon?
"'How dare you block me? Stupid American,' Daryll said over the phone. 'You can’t get rid of me. You’re gonna burn. I ripped the condom. You’re stupid. I got you.'"
Entrée (9+ min) | BBC

Rodgers And Hammerstein Have Earned 90 Percent Of The Songwriting Royalties For Ariana Grande’s ‘7 Rings’
Contracts and lawyers
For songs I have written
Songwriting credits and royalties given
Owning 90 percent of 7 rings
These are a few of my favorite things

Starter (3 min) | Uproxx

I Gave Up and Let Instagram Shop for Me
or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombas Socks
Appetizer (6 min) | The Atlantic

7 Signs Your Body Is Expressing Anxiety Physically
"Dealing with chronic anxiety is multifaceted, but figuring out how anxiety exists in both your mind and body can be really helpful toward understanding these issues on a deeper level."
Dessert (6 min) | Bustle

Can You Believe? An Oral History Of ‘Queer Eye’
I want to know the origin of Antoni's subtle rage.
Dessert (9 min) | Huff Post

Psychiatry’s Incurable Hubris
"The biology of mental illness is still a mystery, but practitioners don’t want to admit it."
Dessert (4 min) | The Atlantic
With all the hullabaloo about J.K. Rowling this week, it's time to bring back this gem and then quickly vanish it forever like wizard poop.
Songs That My Friend John Says Are Cool
Motion Sickness by Phoebe Bridgers
Red Bull & Hennessy by Jenny Lewis
Everyday by Weyes Blood

STMFJSAC Spotify Playlist
Guy Fieri has a chain of chicken tender restaurants called "Chicken Guy." That has nothing to do with this video. You just know that now.
@Skoogeth: professor x: what’s your power?

jk rowling: i can rewrite the past of fictional characters

gay professor x : interesting
Thanks for reading! From all of us here at The Lunch Read, stay golden Ponyboy.
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