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T-Minus 3.5 Days Until 2017...

If 2016 seemed never-ending, we feel ya. Luckily, we're almost in 2017, which admittedly holds its own scary possibilities, but also several exciting opportunities.

Before we jump into the new year, let's reflect on The Lunch Read's Highlights of 2016 one last time. Oh, and one final 2016 batch of articles below.

Happy New Year!

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34 People Who Tried Their Best in 2016, and yet…

What's the 2016 equivalent of #EpicFail?
Appetizer (4 min)   The Chive

Who Didn't Lose in 2016?

Rembert Browne's annual bracket pins the Alt-Right against the only people who could beat them: the Stranger Things Kids. Or can they?
Entrée (9+ min)   Vulture

Look in the Mirror, Internet: Here Are 2016's Most-Googled Pop Culture Terms

Some no-brainers (#1 Searched Person? Trump) and some head-scratchers (#3 Searched Actress? Stephanie Tanner)
Snack (3 min)   The A.V. Club

After George Michael's Death, Stories Emerge of His Quiet Generosity

Big talent, bigger heart. RIP George Michael.
Appetizer (4 min)   NPR

17 Incredibly Useful Google Products and Services You Didn't Know Existed

Two Truths & a Lie: Google Sound Search, Google Fonts, Google Puppy Delivery
Snack (3 min)   Insider

Why People Vote for Counterproductive Policies

An explanation for voting against their own best interests.
Entrée (9+ min)   The Atlantic

Untamed: On Making Friends With Animals

End 2016 with a giggle, thanks to David Sedaris.
Entrée (9+ min)   The New Yorker

8 Husbands React to Their Wives Texting Them Lines from 'Fifty Shades Darker'

Out with a bang...
Dessert (2 min)   Marie Claire


Viral Pick: United State of Pop 2016 - Into Pieces

Everyone's favorite year-end mashup is back!
Dessert (3:57)    DJ Earworm

Lunch Recipe: 22 Crazy Delish Champagne Cocktails

Drink your way into the new year in style.


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