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January 2019


Happy New Year! I hope each of you enjoyed a wonderful Holiday Season and that you're looking forward to a fabulous 2019! 

We have a lot to look forward to here at Days for Girls in the coming year! More and more people are hearing our message "Menstruation Matters" and are joining us as we work together to bring dignity, health, and opportunity to women and girls around the world.

We have been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for 2019 and I'm excited to share with you some of the exciting changes that are on the horizonClick on the video below for a special message:

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Tiffany Larson
Global Chapters Director
Days for Girls International

Announcing: DfG Hybrid Kit  

Days for Girls is working to reach Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. Did you know that many of the girls and women that lack access to supplies live in your area? For example, in the USA, nearly 20% of girls have left school early or missed school entirely when menstruating because they did not have access to period products, according to a recent Always Confidence and Puberty study. To see the rest of the article click HERE.

Many of our Days for Girls Chapters and Teams find that this is an exciting project they can take on - making a huge difference in their local community! Local distributions happen effectively across many demographics, including: homeless women, refugees, shelters, low income schools, prisons, First Nations, girls in foster care, and others.
Days for Girls has found that some of the women we serve, or those that work with them, may at first look at washable products as the “Poor Girl’s Choice.” There are, however, many benefits to using washable products: they are good for the environment, budget friendly, free from harmful chemicals, and are a solution that a girl can count on having month after month, regardless of her circumstances. Rather than the “Poor Girls Choice”, Days for Girls presents washable products as the "Smart Girls Choice." We have found that the key to local distributions is honoring the fact that women like to be given choices. We want to help her find what will work best for her. 

Because choices are important, we present you with the DfG Hybrid Kit!

Please Note: Days for Girls Chapters and Teams always distribute Supreme DfG Kits when sending DfG Kits for distribution to other countries. For local distributions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK & USA only, Days for Girls recommends distributing a DfG Hybrid Kit.

The DfG Hybrid Kit: 

*To order DfG Pouches (as a replacement for the Ziplock Bag), click HERE
*To print the DfG Hybrid Trifold instruction sheet, Click HERE
*To order a DfG Menstrual Cup & Wash Cup at wholesale price (for DfG Hybrid Kits only), click HERE.
*To print the DfG Menstrual Cup Care Sheet, click HERE.

DfG Advocacy: Volunteers Making
a Difference on a Legislative Level
Janet Schiller, Leader of the Rockville Maryland USA Chapter was recently instrumental in getting a law passed in Maryland to provide menstrual supplies to women and girls in Maryland's homeless shelters, schools, and prisons. 

After learning that women lacked access to menstrual health supplies in her own community, though she considers herself "painfully shy", Janet knew that she wanted to make a difference. She started her advocacy efforts by connecting with an individual in her community whom she believed had contacts that could point her in the right direction. This simple effort got the ball rolling. Her contact introduced her to a delegate in the Maryland General Assembly. The assemblywoman was completely unaware that this problem existed among her constituents. 

After legislation was introduced, Janet was invited to testify with the assemblywoman at an Appropriations Committee hearing. On May 25, 2017, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed the new law, which went into effect on July 1, 2017 with almost no opposition. Janet writes,  "What my experience demonstrates is that you don't need to be an experienced lobbyist to bring about legislative change. What you need is a meaningful issue, and the willingness to speak up about it." 

Janet's story illustrates how much the efforts of one can make a difference! Giving the issue a voice, even a "painfully shy" voice, is a powerful and positive force towards change. 

Would you be interested in working at a local level to get legislation passed? Janet has created some resources for volunteers within the USA to get involved. Click HERE for more info. 

For Leaders in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and UK, we will have resources for you coming soon! You can reach out to your country leaders for additional info about getting involved. 
Feedback from the Field

We're excited to introduce you to Karen Timothy, our Chapter's Liaison who joined our team last year. Anytime you email, Karen is the one to graciously answer your questions or direct your emails. 

Karen brings amazing strengths and talents to our team. Besides being the proud grandmother of 9 beautiful grandchildren, she enjoys road biking, cooking, and snow skiing. She authored a children’s book, Marvin the Malcontent Monster, and has been the lyricist for a collection of children’s songs. Furthermore, she plays the piano and has directed a local choir for 27 years. Finally, if you are ever in Kaysville, Utah, drop by to see her gorgeous, Japanese-inspired gardens. As you can see, Karen is a woman of many talents!

In the summer of 2017, Karen traveled with a group of youth to villages above Cusco, Peru. She writes, “When we arrived in the village of Ocutuan, Peru my daughter-in-law (a fluent Spanish speaker) and I sought out the village leaders and asked to speak with a woman who could help us gather the women and girls for a special discussion. What an incredible experience! As they gathered in their bright, traditional dress, they were delighted that we had DfG Kits to give them. Many hugged them to their chest and kissed our cheeks.”

The group then took the remaining Heavy Flow DfG Kits to a local hospital where they distributed them to grateful mothers with new babies. "Watching them hug sanitary hygiene Kits to their chests was foreign to me. I didn’t understand their rapid chatter but I could tell they were very, very excited. I will return to Peru this summer with more youth, more DfG Kits and more understanding of the precious gift we are giving them."

Karen has enjoyed getting to know many of you over the past few months. In her own words, “I’m amazed at the work you do and am honored to be counted among you. If you have any questions I can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Together we can move this wonderful work along as we stay the course to reach Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

New Team Tip Emails

We know there's a lot to learn as you're starting a Days for Girls Team! New in 2019, each newly registered Team Leader will receive an email every few days from DfGI with a tip to help them as they are getting started. If you would be interested in perusing them, here they are in their entirety. Enjoy!

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In the News

2019 Regional Conferences

2019 Regional ConferencesWe have lots of exciting things coming up in 2019 at Days for Girls! We hope you'll take the time to join us for one of our Regional Conferences. Our conferences feature motivational discussions with DfGI leadership, sewing tips, Q&A's, Ambassador of Women's Health Training with Celeste Mergens, and great food! And best of all, you will connect with other Chapters, Teams, and volunteers in your area. 
  Monthly Impact Report 
Thanks to everyone that has already turned in your Monthly Impact Report for December! Reports are due by the 15th of each month. To submit your report, click HERE. Thank you for helping us count your efforts!  

New Teams

We are excited to recognize our newest Days for Girls Teams! These Teams have recently completed their training and have been upgraded from a Team-in-Training to a Team. Congratulations to the following: 

"We're in this together. Because these girls are our girls.
They are us. They each have the spark of something extraordinary
inside of them just like our daughters - and our sons -
and their fate is very much our responsibility."
-Michele Obama
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