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February 2019


I hope you're doing well. February has been an exciting month here at Days for Girls!

Periods have received new focus and global attention this month after Period. End of Sentence. won the Oscars for short documentary! Filmed in a village outside of Delhi, India, the documentary tackles the taboo surrounding menstruation. 25-year-old Iranian- American director Rayka Zehtabchi said in her Oscar's acceptance speech, "I can’t believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar!” She went on further to share, "A period should end a sentence, not a girl's education." This incredible win for periods has already generated additional support for Days for Girls. We're excited to see this momentum continue! 

If that isn't enough, I recently returned from Dallas, Texas USA where we held our first Regional Conference of 2019! As with each of our conferences, incredible leaders gathered -- each leading the crusade in their respective communities to gather support to end period poverty. If you haven't had a chance to come to one of our conferences, I hope you will join us for a fabulous weekend of inspiration, training, and friendship! Click HERE for a list of upcoming conferences and links to register. 

Also, I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone that has already filled out the 2019 Annual Renewal! Renewals are due by March 1, 2019. If you haven't had a chance to fill out your renewal yet, you're in luck- it only takes a minute or two to complete. Just log in to your DfG email and follow the link that was emailed to you. Questions? We're happy to help! Email 

So grateful to be working to reach "Every Girl. Everywhere. Period." with each of you. Isn't it incredible what we're accomplishing... together?!

With love,

Tiffany Larson
Global Chapters Director
Days for Girls International

Meeting Menstrual Health Needs
at the US/Mexican Border
Jeana Nash, USA West Regional Rep, recently distributed DfG Kits to women from various Latin American countries along the southern border of the USA. The women were at the border awaiting processing, in an attempt to seek asylum in the United States.

Jeana wrote, "During the month of December we distributed 204 kits to migrants in Tijuana, Mexico.  We met one woman with her newborn baby. She gave birth somewhere in Guatemala while walking from Honduras. Another woman that I met was about to give birth any day. There happened to be a Mexican doctor there filming something with the newly appointed Mexican Secretary of State. I asked him if he would be willing to come over and translate for me while I explained the Heavy Flow Kit to her. He was very impressed with the kit and the woman was thrilled to have it."

Jeana learned that as the women went before the US officials for their immigration appointments, they were not allowed to bring anything with them; only the clothes they were wearing. She continued, "While we were doing a distribution, one of the women shouted out that she was going to wear every piece of the kit on her body when she goes to her appointment. She said, 'I need this. No matter where I end up. I need this.'"

Special thanks to the following teams who sent Kits for this distribution: Eudora KS, Flagstaff AZ, Tacoma WA, Irvine CA Palo Alto CA, Tempe AZ, Rio Grande Valley TX.

Thank you Jeana and all those who helped in this important distribution!
DfG Advocacy:
You Can Make a Difference
How much good can come from one phone call? 

That's all it took for Janet Schiller to persuade a Maryland (USA) legislator to introduce a bill in 2016 that would provide free feminine hygiene supplies to women and girls in homeless shelters, schools, and later, prisons. Does your state, province, or country have a menstrual hygiene policy? A small but growing number of US states do, but most still do not. 

Consider joining your voice with Janet Schiller ( and Dorry Smith ( on the Days for Girls Advocacy team and find out how you can help enact policies that change lives! There are still unmet menstrual health needs, even in countries like the USA and the UK.  Let's show women and girls that we care! Check out all the advocacy resources found in the Leadership Room HERE
Feedback from the Field
Since July 2014, the Snoqualmie Washington (USA) Chapter has been working to support women and girls in Eswanti (formerly Swaziland). They began their efforts by donating DfG Kits and over the last several years have transitioned their efforts to supporting sustainable solutions and local leadership through registered DfG Enterprises.

Members from the Chapter were recently able to travel to Eswanti and talk to women and girls who's lives have been impacted by Days for Girls: 

Hlonphile (pictured right), a DfG Enterprise Seamstress shared, "DfG has motivated me, it teaches me to love and share and it has helped me financially. DfG has made a difference in my life because I have learnt to be independent.

Bonsile (pictured left), who sews for a registered Enterprise shared, "I had been unemployed for a long while, so the DfG massively helped me and my family financially and also helped me cultivate more skills in sewing." 

Phumule (pictured right), who works for an Enterprise shared, "I like DfG because I like to help other people and I also like sewing so much ... DfG helps me a lot because I was not working and now it keeps me busy." 

In addition, Chapter members talked to a young schoolgirl named Gugu who shared the impact using a DfG Kit has had on her life. "I do come to school now every day that is the biggest way it has changed my life. When I was in period I did not play, but now I can play sports."

While walking through a local village, Chapter volunteers saw DfG shields and liners hanging on clothes lines. One volunteer shared, "When I see the shields and liners hanging on the line I'll know its working." And it is! 

Thank you to the amazing efforts of the Eswatini Enterprise Leaders and the Snoqualmie Washington Chapter in helping ensure women and girls have access to the menstrual health supplies they need!

Interested in helping an Enterprise take their business to the next level? At times, our Enterprises have specific needs: training, new sewing equipment, etc. that can help expand their business. DfG Volunteers have the option to provide this support by ​clicking HERE

In the News

Updated Spanish Translation of DfG Health Education Flipchart
¡Nueva traducción al español! The Spanish translation of the Health Education Flipchart has been updated! You may purchase the chart or download a PDF from the Resource Shop in the Chapters & Teams Leadership Room.

Updated Fabric Restrictions for Thailand
If you are sending Kits to Thailand please adhere to the following updated fabric restrictions: No orange, saffron, yellow, yellow dahlia, or chrysanthemum; nothing you could eat or eat with; no koi fish or lotus flowers. These restrictions apply to Thailand only. Thank you! 

Want to review our fabric guidelines for all countries? Click HERE, or HERE, or watch this video.

Earn Money for DfG While Getting Your Taxes Done at H&R Block
It's tax season in the US. If you mention Days for Girls during your consultation, H&R Block will donate $20 to our cause!  Click HERE for more information.

Fruit of the Loom Wholesale Pricing
Fruit of the Loom has been a generous supporter of Days for Girls since 2014. They have extended deeply discounted wholesale prices to Days for Girls Chapters and Teams, allowing our donations to reach more women and girls. We're so grateful for their support! 

Due to increases in shipping costs, in 2019 Fruit of the Loom will no longer be able to include shipping in their prices. As a result, they have passed along even better prices to Days for Girls, but shipping will now be calculated separately.

Click HERE to order through the DfG Resource Shop.

Chapter & Team Handbook Updates
The DfG Chapter & Team Handbook will have periodic updates. We will include any changes to the handbook in this newsletter so that you always stay up-to-date. The following changes are reflected in the most recent version found in the Chapter & Team Leadership Room.

  • USA Event Liability Insurance Certificate information was added as Appendix E.
  • The UK country email was changed to throughout the handbook.
  • A sentence outlining Thailand fabric restrictions (see Updated Fabric Restrictions for Thailand above) was added to the Selection of Fabric section on page 27.
  • A link to the new UK Resource Spreadsheet was added on page 27.
  • DfG Hybrid Kit Trifold linkable document was updated to fix a printing issue on page 43.

Opportunity for Outstanding 10th & 11th Grade Girls
The HERlead Fellowship is looking for 30 outstanding 10th and 11th grade girls from the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada for their 2019 Fellows. These Fellows are young women who are committed to reshaping the world and making positive and sustainable change.  HERlead partners with Vital Voices Global Partnership to pursue young women leaders with daring vision. Together, they help make that vision a reality through grants, skill-building, network expansion, mentorship, and guidance. We believe that some of our young DfG volunteers would be perfect candidates! Applications are accepted through March 8, 2019. For more information, click HERE.

2019 Regional Conferences

2019 Regional ConferencesDfG Regional Conferences feature motivational discussions with DfGI leadership, sewing tips, Q&A's,  Ambassador of Women's Health Training with Celeste Mergens , and great food! And best of all, you will connect with other Chapters, Teams, and volunteers in your area. We hope you can join us!

New DfG Club

Congratulations to Utah State University DfG Club for becoming our newest DfG Club! And they are already Gold Standard Certified!

New DfG Chapter

Congratulations to the following Team who has chosen to take their service with Days for Girls to the next level and upgrade to a Chapter: 

Stanwood-Camano Island WA Chapter

New DfG Teams

We are excited to recognize our newest Days for Girls Teams! These Teams have recently completed their training and have been upgraded from a Team-in-Training to a Team. Congratulations to the following: 

"If we succeed in empowering girls,
we'll succeed in everything else."
-Desmond Tutu, Nobel Prize Winner
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