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NASA's Astro-mice will test what space does to your gut

Does living in space make your gut bacteria bug out? Twenty mice headed to the International Space Station are about to find out. Read more...


Meet our new supplier Biorbyt - antibodies, proteins and biology tools

Based in Cambridge, one of Europe’s largest bioscience hubs, Biorbyt has a simple yet challenging mission: to provide the best service to the global scientific community. Biorbyt offers:

  • More than 300'000 polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
  • A wide range of recombinant proteins
  • Small molecules and inhibitors
  • Biology tools
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Why enhanced validation of antibodies is important

This article by Atlas Antibodies describes how their PrecisA monoclonals and TripleA polyclonals are validated to achieve the highest standards in terms of specificity and lot-to-lot reproducibility. Their strategy is based on 5 pillars:

1. Genetic validation: Verifying by target knockdown or knockout
2. Orthogonal validation: Verifying with a non-antibody based method
3. Independent antibody validation: Two antibodies with different epitopes verifying each other
4. Recombinant expression validation: Verifying with an over-expressed or tagged version of the target
5. Capture MS validation: Verifying the protein size detected by the antibody with results obtained by a capture MS method

Download the Enhanced Validation Brochure
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Anti epitope tag and control antibodies from Proteintech for CHF 199.-

Loading control proteins and protein tags provide a reference to evaluate the changes in expression levels of target proteins and help to ensure that any increase or decrease in target protein levels is due to your experimental manipulations, and not due to errors in the Western blot procedure. Profit now from our big promo!

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Diversity and signature of small RNA in different bodily fluids using next generation sequencing

This paper shows the power of NGS in profiling micro RNAs. This technique is dependent on isolation of the complete spectrum of cellular RNA. The authors used the Norgen Plasma/Serum RNA Isolation Mini Kit to isolate both large and small RNAs.

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Platform builds and tests new proteins not found in nature

Organisms naturally incorporate a combination of only 20 to 22 unique amino acids in the synthesis of proteins. Proteins produced outside of this realm, from non-canonical amino acids, are known as xenoproteins and offer a few unique advantages.

FastGene Scriptase II ready-mix: add template & go!

This ready mix contains all components for reverse transcription of RNA: Scriptase II (a clone of Superscript II), dNTPs, RNase inhibitor & random hexamers. Just add your template, incubate for 5 minutes & proceed with downstream use of your fresh cDNA!

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Synthetic genes from IDT

Double-stranded, linear, nucleic acids with the perfect combination of excellent sequence fidelity & affordability. Use IDT's gBlocks for all your cloning, PCR and qPCR applications!

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