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Throughout October, Deliver for Good and partners focused on the importance of girls' education. We hosted a webinar on out-of-school girls with experts from the Malala Fund and UNESCO, and interviewed a small NGO in Madagascar that is giving scholarships to girls to finish their secondary education. You can find more stories and solutions by clicking here, or continue reading to learn more. 
When we think of getting more girls in school the first thing that comes to mind is more students at desks. But school attendance is only part of the solution. If we are serious about making the future better for all girls and women, we have to make sure that inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities are available for all. It's high time we look beyond the classroom walls. Women need access to education. People with disabilities, working people, refugees — quality education shouldn't be for a privileged few, it should be accessible for all. 

In this increasingly digital world, we need to invest in initiatives like open education to make a larger impact. We need to support women’s literacy learning and non-formal education programs. We need to get creative. Education is an invaluable foundation- it is the linchpin to healthier, more equitable, prosperous societies- and it creates positive ripple effects that boost the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women globally. Let’s get this one right.
Top Stories
The ABCs of Health, Development, and Gender Equality
Why is an organization known for advocacy around maternal and reproductive health talking about education? Because like so many other issues, the topics are intricately linked. There is profound evidence that better educated women give birth to and raise healthier children, who in turn will go to school.
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International Planned Parenthood Federation: Keeping the ‘Sex’ in Comprehensive Sexuality Education
Asking young people themselves to think about the reasons people might have sex (and choose not to have sex) can be a useful way to start discussing important issues like consent and communication, and to engage positively with sexual health and wellbeing.
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Adult Illiteracy is Holding Women Back
In the past 15 years, global illiteracy rates among adults has barely budged, dropping from 18% of the population in 2000 to 14% in 2015. And here’s another consistent fact: women make up two-thirds of the illiterate population worldwide. Among countries with the lowest literacy rates, gender disparities are even wider, according to a new UNESCO report.
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When Getting Girls in School Isn’t Enough: A Q&A with the Global Partnership for Education
Women Deliver spoke with Aya Kibesaki, Senior Education Specialist at the Global Partnership for Education about data, marginalized populations, and her experience at the country level.
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