In just a few days, the long-anticipated Generation Equality Forum (GEF) in Mexico City (29-31 March) will launch a global Call to Action to mobilize governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations to make bigger, bolder commitments to gender equality.

Generation Equality is our time to commit to a gender-equal future by making strong, comprehensive, and intersectional commitments across all
Action Coalitions and Action Coalition Blueprints to accelerate action over the next five years.

Join Women Deliver as we call on governments and the private sector to make bigger, bolder contributions to a gender-equal world by: 

1. Ensuring that investments, policies, and programs meet the needs and equally benefit all.

2. Matching gender equality commitments with action, accountability, and financing.

3. Eliminating discriminatory laws, and enacting policies that respect and protect the health and rights of girls and women.

4. Prioritizing and investing in gender-responsive data collection and analysis. 

5. Upholding and advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights as the bedrock of gender equality.

6. Removing barriers to women's leadership, meaningful participation, and decision-making. 

7. Driving coordinated action and change – across sectors – through the Generation Equality Forum. 

8. Ensuring meaningful youth engagement and co-leadership in all aspects of decision-making. 
9. Making bigger, bolder commitments to gender equality by joining the Generation Equality Action Coalitions as a Commitment Maker.
To learn more about the GEF, visit our interactive website, available in English, French, and Spanish. 

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Young Leaders Across the Globe Are Calling for Meaningful Youth Engagement

Gender equality is everyone's struggle and everyone's gain, but ultimately, it's young people who will bear the consequences of the actions we take, or don't take, as a global community. Young people's meaningful engagement and co-leadership in all aspects of decision-making is essential to achieving our shared goals – from curbing climate change to realizing racial justice and a gender-equal future. 

Follow the Women Deliver Young Leaders, below, who will be engaging in GEF Mexico City, and join their call for young people's meaningful engagement and co-leadership in all aspects of decision-making throughout the Forum and beyond! 
“As adolescent girls and young people, we cannot solely remain beneficiaries and demanders of action. We must be engaged as equal partners in decision making. It is only right for us to claim and influence our own spaces. Nothing for us, without us.”
Liz Lum (Cameroon), Women Deliver Young Leader and Adolescent Girl Advisor at Global Fund for Women (@thelizlum)
“Meaningful youth engagement goes beyond giving young people a seat at the table. It is a continuous process of ensuring their participation from start to finish. The Generation Equality Forum is just the beginning. How will you engage us until the very end?”
Kalpa Garg (India), Women Deliver Young Leader
“Healthy dialogues are essential to engaging youth in critical conversations on taboo issues. Equipping youth with the skills needed to contribute to these conversations during and after the Generation Equality Forum is crucial for meaningful youth engagement.”
Faye Simanjuntak (Indonesia), Women Deliver Young Leader and Founder of Rumah Faye (@fayesimanjuntak)

“The Generation Equality Forum should act as a platform for young people around the globe. By incorporating ideas from younger generations into every decision taken, together, we can tackle gender inequality.”
Darshana Rijal (Nepal), Women Deliver Young Leader and Girls' Rights Activist (@darsana_rijal)

“Meaningful youth engagement is an asset to the continued struggle against gender inequality. It’s time for decision-makers to make young people a part of the conversation.”
Gulmina Imran (Pakistan), Women Deliver Young Leader, undergraduate student and researcher at NJST (@gulmina_imran)
“Meaningful youth engagement at the GEF means valuing young people’s contributions, inclusivity, and partnerships which are geared towards fulfilling our common goals.”
Alesha Douglas (Trinidad and Tobago), Women Deliver Young Leader, Youth Ambassador, and Elected Trustee of the Trinidad Youth Council (@alesha.douglas)
“Youth should be recognized and well-informed; their opinions should be accepted with open minds. If meaningful youth engagement is to happen, youth must be acknowledged as partners of world leaders.”
Dayoun Song (Vietnam), Women Deliver Young Leader (@iz.dyxn)
“My generation is going to inherit the results of decisions made today and so it is up to world leaders to ensure people of all genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, and classes feel welcomed into decision-making spaces.”
Olivia Wainwright (United Kingdom), Women Deliver Young Leader and Youth Activist (@olivzw14)

 Spread the Word at GEF Mexico City! 

Event Recording Now Available: Citizens Call for a Gender-Equal World

Thank you to the over 1,000 advocates who attended the virtual launch of Women Deliver and Focus 2030's first-of-its-kind international survey on gender equality opinions and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the event, we learned that young people are leading the way toward a gender-equal world: 
75 percent of female respondents aged 18-24 expect their government to spend more on gender equality, and over 94 percent of young men and women are ready to take personal action to make sure that they do.

 >> We invite you to watch the event recording, read the global report, or to take a deeper look at local findings in the country data sheets, available in English, French, and Spanish, to learn more. 
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