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#MDG456Live Daily Delivery | September 22-28, 2013 | Curated coverage of women and children and the post-2015 agenda.

Monday, September 23

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Girls' Globe Bloggers: Live from UNGA in NYC  

Girls' Globe bloggers are in NYC to capture conversations taking place about the role of women and children in the post-2015 development agenda. 

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Emerging Conversations
Special iERG Report

Strengthening Equity & Dignity Through Health

 \\ by independent Expert Review Group (iERG)  

This new report summarizes progress towards MDGs 4 and 5, the delivery of commitments made to the UN SG’s Global Strategy, and the Commission’s recommendations.

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Skoll World Forum

Empower Women for Stronger Communities 

 \\  by Kathy Calvin, President and CEO, United Nations Foundation 

Research suggests that increasing women’s economic opportunities would raise productivity.  In addition, women invest their earnings in the education and health of their children, helping to chip away at the causes of persistent, intergenerational poverty.

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Empower Youth to Change the World

 \\  By Elena Sonnino on Impatient Optimists

The "how" of how to empower youth to be change agents is to let them be kids and develop their own ideas- wherever they are in the range of potential social good actions.


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How will the world be different in 2030? How will you help shape it? The world’s largest conversation on how technology can grow communities and improve life for all of us as we move toward being a networked society.

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1.3 billion people do not have any access to any energy in the world. #FACT #2030NOW

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@CaseFoundation  Case Foundation 
Democratizing philanthropy is about expanding the definition of giving: talent, time AND dollars @jeancase #2030NOW

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@mdarvas  Matt Darvas
"Recent study found that 84% of millennials believe it's their duty to help make the world a better place." @zeenat #2030NOW @socialgood

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Graca Machel
A member of The Elders - Founders of Girls Not Brides

"If we're to ensure that every woman and every child can lead a life of dignity, we must end child marriage. This is an issue of education, health, poverty and of human rights: the rights to choose, to be alive, to develop."


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Mayra Buvinic 
Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation 

The UN Foundation and ExxonMobil Foundation collaboration is gathering the latest studies and data on what works to promote women's economic empowerment, to produce an evidence-based practical research report that can be easily translated into action.


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Keeping Promises to Women and Children: PMNCH 2013 Report on Global Strategy Commitments  


by Carole Presern, Executive Director, The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health  - Published on the Huffington Post

A new report from The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) -- The PMNCH 2013 Report; Analysing Progress on Commitments to the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health -- gives cause for hope. The report shows that more organizations, governments and the private sector are making commitments to improve women's and children's health every year, and that those commitments are being followed up with real action.

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Girls' Globe Daily Live Coverage 

By: Girls' Globe Bloggers

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health 2013 Report 

Girls' Globe covered the release of the PMNCH 2013 Report on Sunday. Discussions of the Report show that improvements have been made in several countries regarding maternal, newborn, and child health. 

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Curated Coverage of the PMNCH Report

Girls' Globe kicks of UNGA week with Every Woman, Every Child, The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health and World Health Organization in Launching the PMNCH 2013 Report 

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Story Newborns  

Selling Coca-Cola and Saving Newborn Lives

by Leith Greenslade

To achieve Millennium Development Goal 4, we need to prevent the deaths of an additional 1.5 million newborns by December 31st, 2015.  At the current rate of progress we won’t get there.  Rates of reduction in newborn deaths need to be four times faster to achieve MDG4.  And with newborn deaths at 44% of all under 5 deaths, how to save newborn lives quickly has become the most critical child survival challenge in the 800 days left to the MDG4 deadline.  

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Post 2015 is Unfinished Business

by Tewodros Melesse, Director General, International Planned Parenthood Federation

We all want to live in a world without poverty, where people can achieve their potential, and where health and education are guaranteed. Or at least I hope we do. But there’s a truth which needs to be spoken as the negotiations for the next generation of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) – the so-called Post-2015 framework - get underway.

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Day One Press Releases
The partners of the Social Good Summit have teamed up with Facebook and Instagram to create #Instacorps -- five award-winning digital photographers who will capture and share on Instagram behind-the-scenes moments of the Social Good Summit and the UN General Assembly Week in New York City.

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Video Bloggers event 

Blogging for Good: A Focus on Women and Children 

We are inviting bloggers to join us on Monday, September 23 for a discussion of women, children and the post-2015 agenda. Kate Gilmore, Deputy Executive Director for UNFPA  and Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director for Greenpeace International will make special remarks. Space is limited. 

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