A warm farewell to a trailblazing woman!
It is hard to believe that a month has passed since the Women Deliver 2016 Conference gathered almost 6,000 influencers and changemakers in Copenhagen, with thousands more tuning in via WDLive.

The conference exceeded expectations. The energy and the inspiration rippling through the Bella Center was amazing. And, with so much attention focused on HOW we make the Sustainable Development Goals matter most for girls and women, the conference was truly one of a kind. It was wonderful to see so many women, and men, young and old, representing so many different sectors and issues, coalescing around such a critical topic.

We were not able to bottle all the energy in the Center and send it home with you, but I trust that each and every one of you brought home a good dose of inspiration on your own. That is needed, because we all – whether in Copenhagen or not – have important work ahead of us. We need girls and women solidly and comprehensively placed in national SDG plans, national policies and programs, data and statistics – and not least in the implementation and action of the global goals.

The Deliver for Good campaign, launched at the conference, makes the investment case perfectly clear. When you invest in girls and women, everybody wins. Policy briefs with facts and figures, benefits and solutions, asks and tasks on each of the 12 key Deliver for Good investment areas are ready to be used by national and global advocates working to improve the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women. The conference brought new evidence, new solutions, and new case studies to underscore the campaign. The time to be loud and deliver for girls and women is right now.

Finally, a special thank you and farewell to the founder of Women Deliver, Jill Sheffield. I was honored to give Jill a lifetime achievement award during the closing ceremony of the conference, her last as President of Women Deliver. Thousands of people around the world have been touched by her commitment, drive, and relentless work to improve the future of girls and women everywhere – and many more will undoubtedly be, as she fortunately will continue to be active on the issues.   

Katja Iversen
President/CEO Women Deliver

Relive the Conference with WDLive Videos

Joseph Swan
Ending Period Stigma
Why I Ran 26 Miles Bleeding Freely  
Joseph Swan
Next Big Idea
Children's Entertainment = Empowerment
Joseph Swan
Beyond Victimization
Women as First Responders
Joseph Swan
Powerful Women
Plenary Session 
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