It's time to shatter the glass ceiling for good! 

Who runs the world? Increasingly, it’s women. As women run for office, rise to senior leadership, and crack the glass ceiling, the benefits speak for themselves.

Women in positions of authority tend to advocate for and allocate budgets towards social issues to benefit people; companies with strong female boards have shown a return on equity that is 10.1% annually vs. 7.4% from companies without; and gender balance in the political sphere promotes gender balance in the workforce, which could double global GDP growth by 2025.

Breaking down the barriers that prevent women’s political participation can start with gender budgeting, gender quotas, and supporting young people to move into political roles. As the newest Deliver for Good Campaign Influencer, Dr. Alaa Murabit says, getting more women at the table also takes “modifying inveterately held cultural notions about the subordination of women.”

Strengthening women’s political participation and decision-making power is an investment in more just, equitable, and peaceful societies. It’s time to shatter that glass for good.


Here’s Why Women Who Play Sports Are More Successful
EY's Beth Brooke-Marciniak | Fortune
70% of children in the U.S. are dropping out of organized sports before the age of 13. This is particularly alarming for women because studies have shown that girls who play sports are more likely to graduate from college, find a job, and be employed in male-dominated industries.
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Should 14-Year-Olds Be Allowed to Vote?
Women Deliver on Al Jazeera
In episode two of Generation Y Not, Women Deliver's new four-part livestream series hosted by Al Jazeera's Femi Oke, we talked to Women Deliver Young Leader Melissa Fairey on politics, feminism, and how to get young people involved in decision-making processes.
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Evidence shows that companies, countries, and peace agreements fare better when there are more women involved. So why isn’t it happening? President/CEO of Women Deliver Katja Iversen and peace negotiation expert Alaa Murabit explore the challenges girls and women face in the political and decision-making arena. Read full Q&A ➜
In the Economy, Girls and Women Mean Business
Katja Iversen | U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Women of the world are economic powerhouses and supporting them is not only the moral thing to do from a human rights perspective, it is also the economically sound thing to do. By prioritizing a series of critical investments we can unleash a wave of transformative, sustainable change that will benefit everyone.
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Why Governments Should Introduce Gender Budgeting
The Economist
At its simplest, gender budgeting sets out to quantify how policies affect women and men differently. That seemingly trivial step converts exhortation about treating women fairly into the coin of government: costs and benefits, and investments and returns.
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The World's Most Powerful Women Share Their Best Leadership Advice
Lindsey Stanberry | Refinery29
On International Women’s Day, Women Deliver and Refinery29 celebrated the power of women by featuring 12 female leaders from around the world. From the former Second Lady of the United States to the Senegalese Minister of Health, these 12 powerhouses prove that women are the drivers of progress.
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How One Young Leader is Getting More Young People to Run for Political Office
Women Deliver Young Leader's Program
Women Deliver Young Leader Isatou Bittaye is involved with Not Too Young to Run, an open campaign that supports young people's right to run for office. She shares her thoughts on the barriers to full representation, women's role in the political process, and how her work with Not Too Young to Run in is mobilizing young people to participate more fully in politics.
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Caterpillar Foundation: Empowering Women to Raise 50 Million People Out of Poverty
Submitted by Caterpillar Foundation
Fadumo Dayib, Running for President in Somalia: ‘Death Does Not Scare Me’
Submitted by Global Citizen
The Partnership Approach to Achieving Results for Women and Girls
Submitted by UNICEF
Women Win Record Number of Seats in Timor-Leste Village Elections
Submitted by UN Women
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