Gender equality is not only a women's issue, it's a societal issue, and all people have a role to play in achieving it. This includes boys and men. And, in a gender-equal society, they have a lot to gain:

➔ Men who embrace non-violent and equitable gender norms and practices tend to be happier and healthier

➔ Men who take parental leave contribute to pay equity and gender equality in the workplace by setting a standard and showing that caregiving is everyone's responsibility

➔ When boys and men are educated on the benefits of contraception, they are more likely to support women's use of contraceptives 

➔ When boys see their fathers fully engaged as full partners in domestic care and work, they are 1.5x more likely to contribute their fair share of unpaid carework within the household

It's time we support and encourage boys and men to be equal partners in advancing gender equality. Below are some tools and resources for advocates to advance male engagement.

Data proves that a gender-equal world
is healthier, wealthier, more productive,
and more peaceful
Infographic: Boys and Men as Partners for Advancing Gender Equality

This new infographic outlines evidence about how boys and men are key partners in advancing gender equality, developed in partnership with
Dove+MenCare and Promundo.
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Op-ed: Paid leave is our best shot for equality in the home 

There is no country in the world where, on the whole, men and women do the same amount of care work. How we change that is a difficult question. But when we look at men’s involvement as parents, there is one policy that is proven to have a serious impact—and has showed strong gains this year: paternity leave

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Paternity leave is also one of the most effective long-term investments in changing, challenging, and shifting gender stereotypes.

When men take paternity leave, it affirms that caregiving is everyone’s responsibility, it helps improve pay equity, and makes it easier for more women to live out their full potential, get support, and climb the career ladder.

And research shows that, apart from the joy of being close to a new baby, men’s physical, mental, and sexual health improves from engaging in equal care.

There is a big want and need for men to be more engaged in caregiving, and men are eager to take it on. According to the 2019 State of the World’s Fathers report, 85% of fathers said they would be willing to do anything to be very involved in the early weeks and months of caring for their new child.

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