Land, Clean Energy, Water, and Sanitation

Essential natural resources play a critical role in the daily lives of girls and women, especially in vulnerable situations. They are called essential for a reason. Yet, women own only 20% of the land that they farm, women and children spend up to 5 hours per day gathering fuel for household needs, and 51% of schools in low- and middle-income countries don’t have adequate access to safe water and appropriate sanitation facilities—leading to school dropout. When girls and women endure restricted access to land, water, sanitation, and clean energy, there are far-reaching consequences on their health, education, housing, and livelihoods.
It is due time for gender-sensitive approaches to our resource crisis, and more than ever before, experts are recognizing the link between essential resources and advancing economic prosperity. The World Health Organization suggests an average of US$90 billion in annual economic benefits could be accrued if half the people cooking with solid fuels switched to natural gas. And that’s just one solution.

Accelerating women’s access to water, sanitationland, and energy has the potential to alleviate poverty across the globe. Join Women Deliver in elevating the need for women’s access to resources, not only to empower women right now, but also to improve the health and wealth of societies in the years to come.


Aditi Sharma Wants to Make Sure That Menstrual Hygiene is on the Gender Equality Agenda
Women Deliver
Aditi Sharma is a Women Deliver Young Leader and an advocate for menstrual hygiene management. Growing up in her native country of Nepal, lack of information about or access to menstrual hygiene was not only common -- it was the norm.
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Women’s Land: Closing the Gender Gap in Sub-Saharan Africa
Landesa and Deliver for Good
In Sub-Saharan Africa, land is a fundamental asset and a primary source of income, security, opportunity, and status. Yet for millions of African women, secure rights to land continue to elude them. To shed light on this issue Landesa and Deliver for Good have developed a new infographic: Women’s Land: Closing the Gender Gap in Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Defining the Resources that Build Resiliency
Kathleen Colson, BOMA Project
Expanding choice and agency for women and girls is not only transformative for them, but also for their families and communities, making them healthier, more stable, and more resilient. That’s empowerment. And that’s a resource that benefits our entire global community.
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Women, Energy, and Economic Empowerment
The Atlantic
Vast gender inequalities remain throughout the world and are closely linked to poverty and instability. Access to modern energy enables economic advancement. Until now, however, exploration into the relationship between these two narratives has been limited.
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Water at What Cost Report Illustrates Undue Burden on Women and Girls
Women Deliver
Investing in safe water for all saves lives and livelihoods, but it has particular significance for women and girls. When women spend less time fetching water, they gain more productive time that can be dedicated to growing food, raising children, going to school or pursuing economic opportunities.
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Africa’s Women are Still Waiting for Equal Inheritance Rights
Godfrey Massay | Landesa
A ripple of benefits unfold when women have secure, recognized rights to the land they rely on for their livelihoods. Women gain increased economic independence and bargaining power, and enjoy greater status and say in household decision-making.
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Video: Why I Ran 26 Miles Bleeding Freely on My Period
In this video, activist, runner, and former drummer for M.I.A. Kiran Gandhi talks about running the London Marathon while bleeding freely on her period, and the stigma surrounding menstruation around the world.
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An Unexpected Question
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Land Rights for Women: Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability
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Rights and Resources Initiative
Stevie Valdez, Impact Investment in Latin America
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Meet Women in Energy Who Inspire Us
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Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
For more stories and resources on girl's and women's Access to Reources, please visit our June Thematic Focus Webpage.

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