Brain Awareness Week
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It's Brain Awareness Week

Check out the activity calendar!

The one week in a year when the whole world joins in to celebrate the brain has just begun!

If you're looking for brainy activities to attend with your class or on your own, check out the BAW Event Calendar and select your location. Or scour Twitter by using hashtags #BAW and #BrainAwarenessWeek.

And if you're on the organizing side of things and need more activity ideas for your own event, it's not too late! The official BAW website will guide you through the process. It's also packed with free materials, resources and handouts that you can use for public programs, activities, virtual events and non-events.
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On-Stage Neuroscience

With cockroach brains & legs

We got featured on the Duke Uni Research Blog after our co-founder, Dr. Greg Gage, presented the Gastronauts Seminar to the tune of cockroach spikes firing around the lecture hall!

“I spend my life working on weird things like this, because each one tells a little story. Through these stories we can bring experiments to classrooms, democratize science and make it more accessible to everyone,” Greg told his audience.
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Backyard Brains @ USA Brain Bee

Spiking with the nation's brain-savviest students!

Award-winning high schoolers from all over the country will be flocking to the UC Irvine this April to compete in the 2023 USA Brain Bee competition! Apart from the official competition for the Brain Bee award, they'll be taking part in a collaborative project using Backyard Brains bioamplifiers to learn more about neuroscience. The best way is the hands-on way!

We already had a table at the Irvine Brain Bee this January, when high schoolers from South California used our Claw to capture their EMG signals.
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Share Your Thoughts on Our New Book

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Have you read our new book "How Your Brain Works: Neuroscience Experiments for Everyone" (MIT Press)? If yes, we'd love to hear your thoughts on GoodReads or Amazon!

A minute of your time would be invaluable to us to help us improve our work, but it would also be a great guide to others. Which experiments did you find most insightful or fun? Have you used the book in teaching? How well are the complex concepts broken down for easy understanding? These or any other aspects are more than welcome, including constructive criticism!
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Have You Seen Our SpikerMap?

That's a whole lot of cockroach pins...

Meet one of our greatest prides: the SpikerMap, an interactive feature on our website which self-updates every time a Spiker package gets sent to a new address anywhere in the world.

Behind every green cockroach pin, there's a high school that uses our humble but powerful neuroscience gear. University professors are orange, grad students brown, and citizen scientists yellow. DIY neuroscience has already made it to all the continents, even the venerable Antarctica!
See SpikerMap Here


Brain Bees Buzzing Around London!

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