Dog & Cat EKG + Neurofencing + BYB Diplomacy
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Are you ready for a pawsome new experiment? 

Your dog will be in for a treat. (Quite literally.)

Ever wondered if you can record EKG from your pets? Our co-founder Tim did it by adapting an EEG headband into a dog sleeve and making a $5 board with copper pads for the cat. He got generous help from a Vizsla dog named Santina and a docile Scottish Fold cat named Harang.

Santina wore the sleeve and Harang was kind enough to sit on the board and be still for 20 seconds. Needless to say, both of them got treats afterwards! You can record EKG from your pet too. Just follow the instructions from our blog post!

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 Neurofencing wins states!

This 8th-grader invented a new discipline using the SpikerBox... and it won her the WA State Science Fair—second year in a row!

Supriya Nair used the BYB combo, Heart & Brain and Muscle SpikerBox(es) to scientifically prove the importance of doing warm-ups in fencing. She measured her EEG, EKG, and EMG before and after a 15-minute workout to see how it reflected on her performance. As it turned out, warm-ups are not just your coach's whim: her brain, heart and muscles really benefit from those jumping jacks!
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In other news...

As part of BYB diplomacy efforts, we visited a class of North Korean refugee students in Seoul to bring them our equipment and listen to spikes together!

Apart from tinkering with our gear, these 20 high-school students did what high-school students typically do: talking among each other, texting on KakaoTalk, and playing League of Legends and Candy Crush on their phones. They were laughing at our poor attempts to speak Korean with our basic vocabulary, and they enjoyed practicing their English, that they are rapidly learning, with us. 

We demoed some of our popular interface experiments and surveyed the students asking what their favorite K-pop bands were...

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Yep, it's not just #NeuroscienceForAll! We also had a trip to Lima (Perú) to use our gear in their cultural center.

While at it, we found out how spikes sound when you listen to them out in the open, during a free workshop held in the street. It turns out, you can do neuroscience experiments just about anywhere. (Just so you aren't too surprised if you hear about one of our SpikerBoxes - or its recordings - beaming up into space!)

Oh, and have you pre-ordered our book yet?

It will be a one-of-a-kind introduction to hands-on neuroscience, including a bunch of experiments & the scientific rationale behind them. To be released on Oct 25, but you don't need to wait as long. Pre-order it today!

You've guessed it - it's totally in line with our philosophy of Neuroscience for Everyone - students at ANY level, curious readers or enthusiasts, teachers or scientists.

Example Experiments
   • How fast do signals travel down a neuron? The brain uses electricity . . . but do neurons communicate as fast as lightning inside our bodies? In this experiment you will make a speed trap for spikes!
   • Can we really enhance our memories during sleep? Strap on a brainwave-reading sweatband and test the power of cueing up and strengthening memories while you dream away!
   • Wait, that’s my number! Ever feel that moment of excitement when you see your number displayed while waiting for an opening at the counter? In this experiment, you will peer into your brainwaves to see what happens when the unexpected occurs and how the brain gets your attention.
   • Using hip hop to talk to the brain. Tired of simply “reading” the electricity from the brain? Would you like to “write” to the nervous system as well? In this experiment you will use a smartphone and hack a headphone cable to see how brain stimulators (used in treating Parkinson’s disease) really work.
   • How long does it take the brain to decide? Using simple classroom rulers and a clever technique, readers can determine how long it takes the brain to make decisions.

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