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We're Developing a New App

... And we need your help!

One of the key issues with our software is that our Spike Recorder app could not communicate with USB on Chromebooks. Not anymore! We have been working on a new app that will eventually replace our existing apps. We now have something to show you! Would you like to be included in the early development of our new Spike Recorder?

If you already use our neuroscience gear, all you need is a laptop, a computer, or a Chromebook (Android and iOS devices will come soon). With the new app... there is no need to register or download anything. Just plug in any of our gear and spike away!

Please give us some feedback on things you don't like. Sign up now to be a beta tester and we'll send you an email with instructions. You will also get updates as we add features along the way.
This app will allow us to be faster, more flexible, and add new features more often.
In other words, it will be an app that will work for the rest of our lives.
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Time to Plan Your Brain Awareness Week Outreach

This grant can help out too!

Call for applications for this year's Brain Awareness Week Grants is about to launch in early September!
With the deadline extending for a whole month, it's a lot of time for schools, colleges, research facilities and organizations to plan and prep their outreach activities to take part in the global campaign and celebrate the brain.

Grantees will be awarded up to $1,250 that they can use towards organizing free Brain Awareness Week events in March 2023 and spreading the love of neuroscience to kids, adults, budding scientists, and any curious soul.

We'll ping you once again as soon as the program is launched, but it doesn't hurt to get ready on time!
More Details Here

Neuroscience in the City of Light 

We visited FENS, Europe's biggest international neuroscience conference!

Over 7,500 fellow neuroscientists, teachers, graduate and doctoral students flocked to the Paris Expo Center this July to attend countless scientific symposia, poster presentations, workshops, mini conferences and other SciComm activities.

Which makes us even prouder to say that our booth was one of the liveliest spots! We presented the latest upgrades of our renowned bioamplifiers and even organized cup-stacking contests using our ever-popular robotic Claw. Another fan favorite was HHI, a pocket-sized brain-machine interface!
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Neuroscience Meets Foil & Epee

Or how we ended up in 2022 US Fencing Nationals

After winning not one but two state science fairs with her project on neurofencing, high-school scientist Supriya Nair volunteered to become our brand ambassador at the US Fencing Nationals in Minneapolis! So she brought our gear along to demonstrate—once and for all—why warm-ups are important for athletes.

But presenting at the Fencing Nationals wasn’t the only outreach activity Supriya engaged in these past few weeks. She presented her findings at two fencing centers in Washington State too. Besides demoing the discipline she herself invented, she also added in our well-known experiment “Take Someone’s Free Will” using Human-Human Interface. 
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More SciComm With NSTA

There's no teaching without learning! 💡

... And there's no learning without teachers! So we hit Chicago for the annual National Science Teaching Association's conference, where thousands of educators learn from each other so they could teach better.

Our booth was run by our brilliant curriculum writer and Knowles Senior Fellow, Camden Hanzlick-Burton, who demonstrated our classroom-friendly electrophysiology gear.
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... and for everyone, even elementary schoolers!

We're not done with Europe yet! Our team visited Novi Sad (Serbia) and held an open-air workshop called "Fascinating Neuroscience" by the ancient and magnificent Danube river. 🌊

The event was open to everyone, but we were especially happy to see little kids enjoying science. In the photo above, you can see our teammate Stefana working with a chirpy elementary schooler who got all worked up about electrophysiology!
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