Apply for Brain Awareness Week grants today!
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Time to Plan Your Brain Awareness Week Outreach

This grant can help out too!

Want to join the worldwide quest to celebrate the brain in your school, institution or community next March? By October 1st, you can apply to receive up to $1,250 in funding as support for your outreach project. Brain Awareness Week will take place in March 2023, but the dates aren't binding as long as you run it under their campaign title.

If you're short on inspiration, no worries. Their website is chock-full of ideas for all ages and walks of life - be it for kids or adults, online or offline, events or non-events.

And the best thing about it? You can use these funds toward purchasing classroom equipment that will help teach new generations for years to come.
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In or Near Ann Arbor? Let's Meet

Tech meets TED on Tech Talks this October

Our co-founder and senior TED fellow Dr. Greg Gage will present at this year's Tech Talks in our home town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It's a series of TED-style stories about visionary and innovative technologies devised and implemented by startups such as ours.

If you're in or near Ann Arbor, you can attend too. It's free, but you need to register since there's a limited number of seats. Mark your calendar for October 14!
Register Here

We're Still Recruiting Beta Testers

Get early access to our new web app!

You spoke out and we listened!

We're cooking up a new Spike Recorder web app so you don't have to sweat it with different devices. (Spoiler alert: it works on Chromebooks too.) Just hook up your gear, open the app in your browser, and spike away!

But before the official launch, our development team needs feedback from users like you. Sign up as a beta tester today and let us know what you like and (especially) what you don't.

We know that teachers are busy bees, so we wouldn't ask for much commitment. Just use the app normally and, if you notice any glitches or omissions, hit the bubble in the upper right corner and ping us your thoughts. We'll email you dev updates from time to time.
Get Early Access Here

Any South Korean Teachers With Us?

Meet our official distributor! 🧑‍🏫

If you've ever looked to buy microscopes for your classroom, you may have heard of Osunhitech. Well, as our official distributor, they also sell our neuroscience gear to individuals, but also government institutions — such as schools — in South Korea!

Our gear is being used all across the globe. But we're proud to say that South Korea is now our biggest customer outside the US.
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Our Claw just grabbed a Snickers bar on UCI campus!

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