Bring the cutting edge of neural engineering to the Elementary, Middle School, or High School Classroom!
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Bring the Cutting Edge of Neural Engineering to your Classroom

The new DIY Cyborg Hand kit and BMI Classroom Bundle will inspire your students, wow your parents, and impress your admins!

Neuroprosthetics may sound like a complex field of engineering and design, but just as we have worked hard to make Neuroscience accessible for students of all ages, we have been inspired to make the fundamentals of neural engineering available to students from 2nd grade on up!

A unique STEM experience inspired by K12 student passion for “Tech that Helps”

One teacher, whose work helped inspire our continued development into the field of K12 DIY Neuroprosthetics had this to say about the intellectual and emotional journey her students had while learning about “Tech that Helps:”

I think what really affected them most during our year with neuroprosthetics, was first and foremost lessons on empathy and understanding. It is hard to accept that there are so many neurological conditions and there are no solutions for any of them. And teaching empathy and understanding of things like disability, autism, ADHD, and the different epilepsies, I mean, it’s amazing how much that really affected my kids.” – Amy Farkas, MS STEM Teacher

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The DIY Neuroprosthetic Kit (5-Pack)

Build your very own DIY Cyborg Hands and introduce your students to neural-engineering and neuroprosthetics with this hands-on, minds-on activity! This kit is an expansion kit and requires The Claw to power your hands. More than 5x students? Order more kits! Assembly is easy, and everything needed to build the hands is included in the kit.

Check out the build instructions online!
Buy the DIY Neuroprosthetic Kit (5-Pack)

Not sure where to start? Order the Classroom Bundle to support up to 30x Students!

This kit comes with enough materials for 30x students to build their own hands, and one pre-builty Cyborg Claw! It also includes 4x "control kits" (SpikerShield Bundles) which act as the interfaces which let your students bring their hands to life with the power of their brains! Additional experiments included, check it out in the store!
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