Bring the cutting edge of neural engineering to the Elementary, Middle School, or High School Classroom!
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Bring DIY Neuroscience to your students EASY

The new "Brain-Machine Interface Classroom Bundle" includes everything you need to engage and inspire a class or workshop of up to 30 students!

Neuroscience may seem complicated... but would you be surprised to learn that with the help of our tools and teaching resources students as young as second grade are performing and understanding high school level content? And further, high school students are doing research that would put some undergraduates to shame?

How to easily blend Neuroscience in with your existing STEM offerings:
Piggyback off of Engineering!

Brain-Machine Interfaces are devices which capture electrical signals from your nervous system and then transform those signals into commands that robots, computers, and other machines can understand.

Inevitably, the first example anyone thinks of is "A robotic arm!!!" And indeed! That is a fantastic example of a brain-machine interface, but we can start even simpler. Take, for example, a student who might suffer from nerve damage who has a hard time with manual hand/finger dexterity, making it hard for them to play Minecraft with their friends. What if, instead of using a controller or a computer mouse, they could flex different muscles in their arms and legs to click the computer mouse and arrow keys to make their character move, look, mine, and build? This example and more are possible for your students - not just in the "conceptual future," but literally with the tools that come in this bundle!

By blending your STEM teaching to include not just engineering, but neuroscience, biology, robotics, and assistive technology design, you can empower your students with hands-on experiences that translate DIRECTLY to real-world jobs and research.

The Brain-Machine Interface Classroom Bundle:
What's inside?

This kit comes with everything you need for your students to become biomedical engineers, muscle physiologists, and avant-garde musicians!

Check out details below on the 10+ "ready-to-go" demonstrations, labs, experiments, and projects that this kit will enable for you and your students
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Introduce Neuroprosthetics with "The Claw!"

"The Claw" is an "out of the box" neuroprosthetic! Use this plug and play kit to easily bring neuroprosthetics to life in your classroom. Begin by demonstrating how you can capture the electrical activity from muscular contractions, then plug in the claw and show students how you can use those signals to control robots, computers, and more!
Featured in the Classroom Bundle

DIY Neuroprosthetic Kits:
Enough for 30 students!

The bundle comes with the materials for 30x students to build their very own DIY Cyborg Hands. Introduce your students to neural-engineering and neuroprosthetics with this hands-on, minds-on activity! 

The hands are easy to build (appropriate for 2nd grade and up), and students can connect to their neuroprosthetic hands with the other tech included in the bundle.
Featured in the Classroom Bundle

Tools for 4x Muscle Physiology Lab Stations

The bundle comes with 4x devices which allow you to Capture and Quantify the electrical activity of your muscles! These devices are used by the students to bring the neuroprosthetics to life, but can also be used to perform these experiments listed below (and more!)
Record Electricity from Your Muscles!

You've seen your muscles' electrical activity, now it is time to harness it! Use your Muscle SpikerShield to control electronic devices with your brain-generated muscle signals.
Agonist/Antagonist Pairs

How do your muscles work together to create movement? Learn how to use the Muscle SpikerBox Pro and about Agonist Antagonist muscle pairs. (Requires stacking SpikerShields for 2-channel input) - 2x groups can do this at a time.
Muscle Action Potentials

It's not only axons that carry APs. Muscles have motor unit action potentials that we can record from too. See the tiny impulses responsible for big movements!
EMGs during Muscle Fatigue

If you are wondering why your muscles become weaker during intense exercise, this muscle fatigue lab is for you.
Modeling Rates of Fatigue

In this muscle fatigue lab, you will learn about how to quantify and model how quickly your muscles lose strength!
Featured in the Classroom Bundle

The often forgotten extra Ms in STEMMM stand for... Muscle-Music?

Lastly, the bundle comes with everything you need to help your students take on the unofficial "Terry Crews Muscle-Music Challenge," where your students will be tasked with creating brain-machine interfaces to play music! Physical instruments are possible, as seen in the above video, but so too are digital MIDI instruments!
Making Music with a Muscle

Flex a muscle and compose music with our Muscle SpikerShield, the synthesizer of the future.
The Multiple Muscle Music Generator

Our intermediate music interface using our 6 channel Muscle SpikerShield Pro. Your body movement makes the music! (Stack your 4x shields for up to 4channels of input!0
The MIDI Muscle Machine

Our most advanced music interface. You control a real synthesizer with your multiple muscle contractions and generate your own beats and rhythms.
Featured in the Classroom Bundle

Save $100 by buying the Bundle!

If you were to purchase everything from our website separately, the classroom bundle would cost over $1,100...

But, as all great businesses have realized, people would prefer to pay less, not more! So, by taking advantage of economies of scale, we are happy to offer this bundle for over 10% off the cost of buying the parts individually.

Everything listed above is yours for $999.99.  Ready to invest in your classroom and engage your students with new, cutting-edge fields? Click the big red button below! Questions? Email me below below.
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