These high school students prove that Neuroscience is for anyone who is willing to experiment, learn, and play!
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This Summer Program inspires High School Students to pursue Neuroscience!

Learn from this example how to bring Neuroscience Experiences to your students!

The Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP) is self-described as “a two-week course aimed at introducing talented and enthusiastic high school students to the brain,” but could more affectionately be described as summer neuroscience camp!

Students learn about the history of neuroscience, modern trends and research, participate in Journal Clubs, prepare presentations, and, in culmination, perform a DIY research project where students plan, execute, and present the results of their very own inquiry. 

This year, the SNP had another fantastic summer full of student learning and independent research. The program took advantage of many of the experiments and kits we have developed.

The students did invertebrate and human physiology experiments as they learned about the connection between the brain and body. Amy, one of the program directors, shared these thoughts on using the Backyard Brains tools:

“I think the freedom was really fun for the students, and they could choose to measure something that they were interested in – some of the experiments looked at differences between the students’ reaction times, recruitment of different muscles when you do a push-up, and reflexes vs reaction times."

“The movement physiology activities really gave them the chance to see themselves as totally independent scientists.”

Read about and see the results of the student work in our blog post, featuring more thoughts and anecdotes from graduate student director, Amy Dunn!
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The tools to make it possible

Use these tools to bring these experiences to your students!

Muscle SpikerBox Pro
Neuron SpikerBox Pro

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