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Year 02015, Week 16
Friday Edition, April 17

Hey, I'm Alex McManus.
Thanks for opening this week's dispatches from the future.

  • Composting the dead
  • What is Human Capacity Mentorship?
  • Reading list - Human Capacity Mentorship
  • Why do some sounds and songs make us sad?
  • Your Future Brain
  • The Chef your Spouse Dreams About
These "finds" are organized according to the acronym SEAT -
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Is this beautifully natural or kinda creepy? 

Some Christians want to be buried facing east, the direction from which
 they believe Christ will return. On the other hand, cremation is growing in popularity. On occasion I've said to Niza, my wife, spread my ashes in the sea. That way if you or our kids want to visit my gravesite, you'll get to go to the beach. 

Now, there is a growing movement to compost the dead. A so called "green burial" does seem more peaceful than being reduced to ashes in a furnace. But still...

As a non-religious person with a non-religious family, Katrina Spade, founder of the Urban Dead Project, began to wonder what her
 family would do with her body when she died. And now she's on a quest to bring nature back into our final rite of passage. (I think you'll be pricked by this very short 1 minute and 24 second video in which Katrina explains why she launched this project.)

Is there a biblical or spiritual perspective that weighs in on this? Feel free to reply to this dispatch with your thoughts or questions.





"Natural ability without education has more often attained to glory and virtue than education without natural ability."

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

The IMN microdegree in human capacity mentorship focus' on Knowledge and Talent and Character. The design of the module is to help you maximize human genius. 

The word genius derives from Latin meaning, ‘attendant spirit present from one's birth, innate ability or inclination.' 

The original sense ‘tutelary spirit attendant on a person’  gave rise to a sense  ‘a person's characteristic disposition’  (late 16th century),  which led to a sense  ‘a person's natural ability,’  and finally  ‘exceptional natural ability’ (mid 17th century).

The IMN's Human Capacity Mentorship module is designed to help you dive deep and explore your own (and your team's) innate abilities and inclinations. 

We explore Talent using the Strengths Finder too developed by Gallup. But talent is not enough when it comes to the spirituality of leading from the future. We synch talent with character using the Character Matrix tool developed by Erwin McManus. To bring it all together we dive into the Triangle of Combustion from Makers of Fire by Alex McManus. 

The Human Capacity Mentorship Certificate will help you begin the journey and become a maven of human capacity. It's a good fit for Pastors, church planters, and spiritual entrepreneurs.

See a partial reading list for the Human Capacity Mentorship Certificate.

The next Human Capacity Mentorship Certificate opportunities are Michigan during the 1st week in August and Orlando during the 1st week in February.
(Scroll down after clicking the link).



SAD SONGS. Listen to a 17 minute interview with a physicist and music theorist from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as psychologists from Purchase College and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences.

I found Dr. Meagan Curtiss short comments (at around minute 10.25) about speech patterns interesting as well as Dr. Shantala Hegde's thoughts about music in nonwestern music (at about the 13 minute mark). 
Here's the link: 
 Why are some songs...sounds... sad?


THE HELP. This is the chef your spouse dreams about
Available in 2017. Don't miss the 1 minute 10 second intro on the Moley Robotics website (that is now going up) which will give you a sense of how this will work.

PERCEIVING MORE OF REALITY. I've been following brain scientist David Eagleman since I listened to him at PopTech about three years ago. For your tech fix today I've paired two videos of Eagleman describing how technology can enhance human perception. 

The first, Welcome to Your Future Brain, is from 2012 on BigThink on which he throws out the idea of using technology to enhance our capacity to see more of reality. The second video, Can We Create New Senses for Humans?, is his presentation on TED this year. It's fun to see the progress on these ideas. 

For your convenience, I've place both of these videos on the same page on my site. What alternative futures can you imagine from the possibilities he describes? Feel free to reply to this dispatch with your thoughts and questions.

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August 3-7, 2015

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Orlando Immersion - Certificate and Audit
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