Celebrates its 20th anniversary

and the Legion of honour of its president
22nd October at 18:30 at the Majestic in Chamonix
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The Legion Of Honour - for a whistleblower?

Isn’t it incredible that the Legion of Honour can be bestowed upon a whistleblower, an adversary of current polluting economic practices, a thorn in the side of the system? Yet, I can assure you I have not let down my guard, nor have I changed radically or switched position. I remain as determined and committed as ever to defend human health and the environment that surrounds us.

Nomination by France Nature Environment
It was France Nature Environnement with whom I have been working for over 10 years, who nominated me for this decoration. A proposition which was accepted by the Ministry of the Environment then validated by the Chancellery. If our national authorities hold environmental organisations in high regard, it is because we are often the last line of defence between politicians and powerful lobbies.

Our work at this level can be hugely frustrating, because decisions are not often taken in favour of the environment, but nevertheless it remains essential that we push forward our ideas at the highest level of government.

Good or bad news?
This news has not been welcomed by some policy makers in Haute-Savoie, who know that they will not so easily be able to discredit me in the future (not that they had an easy time in the past!), nor be able to sweep the ideas of our organisations under the carpet. For the local environmental cause (read ‘common sense’ cause), this official recognition can only be good news.

Who are France Nature Environment (FNE)?
You could already be part of the large FNE family, perhaps unknowingly, by being a member of a local association belonging to the FNE movement. This national federation has been around for 50 years and incorporates 3,500 non-profit organisations, including Environn’MontBlanc, ARSMB and others. In total, the FNE federation is made up of 850,000 individual members. Together, we are a formidable force, a large movement, which - without doubt - underestimates itself. FNE is the only national association dealing with all environmental aspects: Agriculture, Town Planning, Biodiversity, Climate, Waste, Water, Energy, Forest, Sea, Mountain, Environmental Health, Transport and Mobility...

I am personally very grateful to FNE for their faith in me as well as their help and encouragement in getting me to engage at national level, in order to promote our joint ideas.

My journey as a volunteer

  • From 2001 to 2010, involvement with the European Transport Initiative, a network of organisations from the whole of the European Alpine region. 

  • Member of France Nature Environment’s Sustainable Transport and Mobility board since 2006.

  • President of Environn’MontBlanc (ex CPVH) since 2009.

  • Member of the board of directors of FRAPNA Haute-Savoie since 2011.

  • Member of the board of directors of France Nature Environment since 2015, as well as of its Environmental Health network. 

  • Head of air quality at national level for FNE since 2015.

Major national representations for FNE:

  • From 2013 to 2015, Board member of SNCF.

  • Since 2015, Board member of SNCF Réseau (network).

  • Since 2015, Member of the National Air Council.

My greatest success so far: the Inspire campaign
In 2013, with Environn’MontBlanc and a group of international residents from the Chamonix valley, we launched the Inspire campaign, striving for better air quality in the Mont Blanc region and to show our authorities that local people were extremely concerned with this issue. Within a few months, 10,000 people, out of the 60,000 who live in the Mont Blanc region, signed a petition and 6,000 people registered for the Inspire newsletter. The campaign has galvanised the peoples’ movement at the foot of Mont Blanc and helped make the cause more visible and shown the scale of public sentiment. Authorities find themselves less and less able to ignore this citizens mobilisation and measures are at last beginning to be implemented…

A decoration for service to our cause
As far as I am concerned, this decoration is a reward for local organisations as a whole and for the citizens who support our actions. I will put this decoration at the service of our cause and keep working for better respect of the environment, the quality of our air and our health.

Photo : Le Dauphiné Libéré

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