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We Are Thankful

Thanksgiving in Cameroon is very different from Thanksgiving in the United States.  First of all, it's not a holiday here.  Micaela had school until 1:00 and Alyssa and Josiah had the day off.  We were invited by another missionary family to join their Thanksgiving on Thursday.  They had another couple over and 4 singles to join their family of 5 along with us.  We even had turkey!

Friday was spent with our teammates at Karen's house.  We enjoyed the time together reflecting on all that has happened over the last year and played some games together.  Rotisserie chicken makes a good substitute for turkey and we had pumpkin pie made with a fresh "melon" from here in Cameroon.


Trip to Garoua

In November, Jason traveled to the northern part of Cameroon to the city of Garoua for our Executive Committee meetings.  They lasted from Monday until Friday and I returned home on Sunday morning early.  

I had the privilege of spending the better part of one morning talking about and answering questions about the training program.  Many of the men had not yet heard about the progress that had been made and of some of the changes that were different than what they were expecting.  Praise the Lord they were all accepting of the changes.

On Saturday, Karen and I interviewed two potential candidates for the training.  In the pictures above, you will see a man named Desire along with his wife and 5 children.  He is the 6th of 8 children in his own family and lives in a small village outside of Garoua.  His entire family lives in a hut smaller than the living room of the house I lived in in the states.  He has finished about a 10th grade education and can read and write French pretty well.  Desire has never been to Yaounde where he is looking to move his family for training.

His wife has never really left the village, but has been in Garoua just a few kilometers away.  She does not speak French at all and knows Fulfulde, the common language in the north.  She never was able to finish Kindergarten because her parents pulled her out of school.

Would you pray for Desire and his wife and family?  His story will be common among men like him looking to be involved in the training program and has so many obstacles to overcome just to receive it.  Pray that these obstacles might be overcome so that training may take place and the churches here can be transformed.

Our last day at the church, we were greeted by the women's group and they sang to us and presented us with a food offering.  The Garoua Women's Rhythm Band has quite the reputation and deservedly so.  You can see 2 videos of them I took by clicking the links.  They are a bit dark, but the church was dark.

Garoua Video One

Garoua Video Two


Micaela Turns 13!

We are now officially parents of a teenage girl!  Micaela turned 13 on November 16 and had a party with several of her new friends over.  Those of you who are privileged enough to know Micaela personally know that we have been parents of a teenager for far longer than a couple of weeks!  I have attached some pictures of her party below.

She is playing soccer on both the A teams and B teams at RFIS.  Because of her age, she is the only one that can also play on the B team for the school.  In a game last week for the B team she scored 3 goals!  That gives her 4 goals so far for the year.  She is enjoying it a lot and her skills have improved greatly in the weeks she has been playing.


Christmas is Coming. . . 

It is hard to believe that today is December 1st.  The closer we get to Christmas here in Yaounde, the hotter it gets!  It is now dry season here and temperatures during the day approach 90 degrees.  We are thankful that it still cools off at night and we are able to sleep well.

We are privileged enough to be included in Encompass World Partner's Christmas giving catalog.  Click here to go to the link.  We are Day 12.  Can I encourage you to give a gift this year to Encompass on behalf of someone else?  In living in the States, I had everything I needed, and most of what I wanted.  For the most part, that is true here in Cameroon as well.  I have everything I need, and a lot of what I want.  That is simply not true for the men involved in this training.

We have calculated that one module class will cost approximately $1500 for 30 men.  Would you consider a gift of at least $50 to pay for one man to take one module.  An ABF or Sunday School class may be able to underwrite an entire module and these men would be more grateful than you can imagine.  Thank you for considering this as part of your Christmas gift giving this year.

We are grateful for your love, friendship, prayers, and support,
The Carmean Family
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