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Gallery Calapooia Newsletter - July, 2018

Featured Artists for July 
Cheryl French and Rob Robinson

Cheryl French is a printmaker and a painter, living and working in Albany. During the last year, she has used the insights provided by science about the world around us to inspire her work. Last winter, her work exploring the intricate microscopic creatures found in pond water were shown in the Microbiomes – Imagining the Unseen at OSU. Last summer, she explored the eclipse, both as she imagined it before it occurred and as she experienced it after it occurred. Her most recent work builds on those explorations, with “Thirty Million Galaxies”(above) and “Orbit”(below) exploring the galaxies surrounding our planet, and “Orange Dahlias” and “Rose, Up Close” examining flowers, up close.
“One of the most wonderful aspects of making art is that it forces you to look very carefully at whatever you are drawing or painting. Looking carefully helps me to stop and see the beauty in the world; in the way light is reflected on an object, in the balance between shapes, in the juxtaposition of colors. Often the subjects of a painting are ordinary, but because I look carefully, I see, and hopefully reflect their beauty.” - Cheryl French

The pieces in this show are primarily original prints. Fine art printmaking uses a “plate” on which an image has been made, to transfer ink onto paper. There are many types of printmaking, including those which use a printing press and those which use a hand-printing process. Fine art prints are not copies of paintings, but original art works printed with ink on paper. Multiple copies can be made of some types of prints, such as wood block prints, while other methods only allow for one copy of an image.

Ms. French began studying art in her thirties, while working as a labor union lawyer. She studied drawing and painting at the Seattle Academy of Fine Art, and printmaking at the University of Washington Extension Program and the printmaking studio, Sev Shoon. She also studied painting with Ian Roberts and Michael Howard. Her best known local works are the six column murals in the Children’s Room in the Albany Main Library. She has also worked as a teaching artist in local schools, libraries and public events.

Cheryl will give a short demonstration of printmaking at 6:00, at the beginning of the July 6th reception.

Rob Robinson has been a member of Gallery Calapooia since it began in July 2013. For this show, he has been using collage to experiment with "depth" and visual perception in 2 dimensional images. Subject matter for the collages include tree trunks for a series of nine pieces and mountains, particularly the Oregon Cascades volcanoes.

Rob will be demonstrating his method of making collages at the First Friday Reception on July 6 at 7:00 pm.

“My recent artwork is mostly abstract, but I like making representational, abstract and non-representational art. Creating representational art is a way of seeing things more closely and in greater detail than usual, observing over the period of time it takes to sketch or paint a subject. Creating abstract or non-representational art is a way to explore ideas without a definite subject and to delve into color, texture, design, composition, and the myriad of things that go into producing a piece of art. These very different approaches, along with the use of different mediums, result in my wide range of artwork.” - Rob Robinson

First Friday Reception July 6th, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Please join us on Friday, July 6th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to enjoy a the work of Rob Robinson and Cheryl French at Gallery Calapooia, 222 First Ave. W. in downtown Albany.
The reception will include the works of Robinson, French and 18 other mid-valley artists. Wine, beer and snacks will be served.

 Artist Demos: At 6:00pm Cheryl French will be doing a demonstration of printmaking techniques and at 7:00 Rob Robinson will demonstrate his collage making methods. 

JULY 12, 13, 14

WHAT!!!! That’s crazy talk! Crazy Daze talk that is. Yes, it’s true. Gallery Calapooia will be part of the upcoming Crazy Daze in Downtown Albany. This is our first time participating in the actual sale part of this event. In the past we have had demonstrations, but not an actual sale. Our members are searching through their inventory for tail ends of previously loved product lines, seconds, hitherto unseen remnants, experiments, etc. Come and see if your favorite gallery artists have any of their pieces in this once in a lifetime event. (Well, it’s our first in a lifetime event. If things go well, we might do it again next year.) AND we will be having our demonstrations as well. There’s nothing to lose! We will be keeping our usual 11-6 hours for the sale, with the demonstration schedule going from 11-5. Check with the gallery closer to the event for the times and subjects of the demonstrations. If you miss the special event days, don't worry because many of the artists are having sales for the whole month of July. So come on in!

For more information about Crazy Daze please visit the Albany Downtown Association Facebook Page

Celebrating Our First Five Years

In July 2013 Gallery Calapooia opened for business in downtown Albany. The founding artists had these goals: to encourage the creation, showing, sale and appreciation of art in Albany and surrounding communities, to provide member artists with a supportive community, opportunities to share skills and resources, and a place to show and sell their work, and to promote art education and public art in the community.

Five years have flown by and we are getting ready to celebrate our first five years with a special exhibit and reception in September. Former gallery members are invited to submit art for our feature wall for an exhibit that will run Aug. 27 to Sept. 22.

A reception will be held 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6. Beer, wine and refreshments will be available. You will have the opportunity to meet and visit with our founding artists as well as those who are currently active members of the cooperative.

We appreciate all who have helped us along the way. The support from the community has been critical to our success.

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for the celebration on the first Friday in September.

Local Happenings and Upcoming Events

Midsummer Arts Festival at Monteith Riverpark on Saturday, Aug. 4, 10-3

Since 2013, Midsummer Arts has featured performances from Legacy Ballet, Albany Civic Theater, LBCC Performing Arts, Infinite Improv, SAHS Theater Arts, Sole Expressions Dance Studio, Willamette Valley Puppeteers, and more. All nestled in the sunny confines of Monteith Riverpark, the first Saturday in August.

For more information please visit the Midsummer Arts website

NW Art and Air Festival at Timber Linn Park on August 24-26

For more information please visit the Art and Air Festival website

Glass artist and former GC member Lauren Wingert featured at "Art in the Garden" at the Oregon Garden, July 13 to Sept. 30

For more information please visit the Oregon Garden website

Calling All Junk!

The Brownsville Art Center will once again host our “Junk Show” in August and September. We invite you to get your creativity on and make up to 3 pieces for this very fun show. Turn entries in at the Art Center July 26, 27 or 28. No late entries! We will install all works on July 30.

Your creation can be 2-D (painting, photography, collage) or 3-D (sculpture, mobile, relief, jewelry) and any style, shape or form. We will present awards in the following categories: Best Kid’s Creation, Most Amazing Recycler, and Best Transformation. Remember, the Brownsville Community Garage Sales will be held July 21. Other resources: BRING in Springfield, MECCA in Eugene, Sharing Hands in Brownsville, or simply Google “Junk art” for more ideas than you can imagine!

A reception will be held Friday, August 3rd from 4-7 p.m. Please join us in constructing a large sculpture of wire and metal. Materials and refreshments will be provided.

For more information please visit the Brownsville Art Association website

Oil landscapes by Daniel Bourdet
at Sybaris Bistro

Through July, oil paintings by Gallery Calapooia artist, Daniel Bourdet , will be on display at Sybaris Bistro, 442 1st Ave. W, Albany.

For more local events see Albany Downtown Association and Albany Visitor Center.

Gift Registry and Gift Certificates

Let Gallery Calapooia help you with special gifts by using our Gift Registry. Come in, note items in our gift registry that you would like to receive as gifts, and let your loved one know so that he or she can get you the perfect gift at Gallery Calapooia. We also have Gift Certificates available.

Gallery Calapooia is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Donations to the gallery are tax-deductible.


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