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Gallery Calapooia Newsletter March, 2019  

Featured artist for March
Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson’s layered vinyl process is similar to the steps used when creating a multi-color screen print.  Formerly an engineer, Bill has experimented with many media in his artistic career.  He “stumbled” into using layers of thin sheet vinyl to create fine art images while attempting to cut a stencil for a multi-color screen print.  “Layered Vinyl has since become my medium of choice as I continue to create, experiment and master this fascinating technique”.  

Bill works from his own photographs or sometimes downloaded royalty free images, spending time in Photoshop or similar editors preparing the image for the cutting stage.  "I use the computer and a vinyl cutter - essentially a pen plotter with a rotating knife replacing the pen, allowing me to cut and assemble images with incredibly small parts and fine details".

The process involves the cutting of "stencils" for each color and the need for careful registration of each stencil during the assembly stages. Each color is cut from a vinyl sheet and the unwanted parts “weeded” from the rest before very carefully layering each cut sheet on top of a previously cut one.  Bill generally works with four main layers or colors, but sometimes introduces additional color to enhance the final image or bring special focus to a particular area.  He frequently uses sepia tones (light, medium and dark brown plus black) or greyscale tones, (light, medium and dark grey plus black) cutting and assembling the image from the lightest to darkest layers.  

Bill's work requires a fines sense of detail and amazing patience.  He is inspired by everything from landscape and nature to pets and celebrities and his great sense of humor often comes through to give his pieces a unique perspective.  Each piece is a one-of a kind creation.

First Friday Reception March 1st, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Gallery Calapooia is proud to feature a special collection of Bill Thompson’s fascinating layered vinyl creations  For this show, Bill will offer some of his newest work in which he experiments with additional colors and extra layers,  resulting in eye-catching images with extraordinary texture and complexity.  During the March 1 reception, Bill will share his amazing technique by doing some live demonstrations of his process.  Live music will be provided by String Theory.

Susan Bourdet Watercolor Workshop

Gallery Calapooia artist Susan Bourdet will offer a 3-day watercolor workshop April 26, 27 and 28, 2019 at Walker Studios in South Salem. All levels will be welcome. Susan has authored two Northlight books - Painting the Allure of Nature in Watercolor and Capturing the Magic of Light in Watercolor, and has taught watercolor all over the country. She enjoys sharing her techniques, mastered over 30 years of painting, with students at all levels. From wet-into-wet backgrounds to lighting, form building and final details, her classes are designed to give students the tools they need to master this challenging medium. Cost for the 3 days (10 -4 each day) is $225. To sign up, or for more information, email Susan at You can see Susan's work on her website at

For more local events see Albany Downtown Association and Albany Visitor Center.

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