Mindframe e-newsletter April 2014 
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It's been a busy period for the Mindframe team at the Hunter Institute of Mental Health!
We’ve had the national launch of our latest media resources and associated promotional hashtag campaign (view campaign here), two national Mindframe advisory group meetings and dinners, and the launch of the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communication Charter (hosted on the Mindframe website here) – to name just a few of our recent priorities.
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In this issue:
  • Launch of Mindframe resources
  • Hon. Peter Dutton Minister media release
  • Communication Charter
  • Communication Managers’ advisory group
  • Journalism and Public Relations Educators’ advisory group
  • Interview with actor Simone Buchanan 
  • Australian Press Council roundtable
  • Media alert
  • Awards
  • Events
  • Upcoming activities
Launch of new media resources
Mindframe launched its latest resources for Australian media on 1st April with a special dinner event in Sydney and hashtag campaign using #MindframeMedia (view campaign here). The resources were developed over a two-year period with input from media and the mental health and suicide prevention sectors. The guest panel at the dinner included Natalie Ahmat (Presenter, NITV),  Di Thomas (Editor, The Border Mail) and Sean Parnell (Health Editor, The Australian), pictured here with Hunter Institute Director Jaelea Skehan.   
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Media release from MP
The Hon Peter Dutton, MP Minister for Health, released a media release in April to welcome the new Mindframe media resources, stating that it is a practical resource, building on existing codes of practice and editorial policies. “The media helps shape and reinforce social attitudes towards, and perceptions of, suicide and mental illness – and this resource will support them in that important role.” Mr Dutton said. 
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Communication Charter
The National Mental Health Commission launched a ‘big picture’ National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communication Charter this April, hosted on the Mindframe website here. The Charter supports a national approach for health communication practitioners when developing mental health and suicide prevention messages. Georgie Harman (pictured) launched the Charter at this year’s Mindframe Communication Managers’ Group advisory meeting.
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Communication managers advisory group meeting 
Mindframe hosted its eighth annual Communication Managers’ Group advisory group meeting in Sydney in early April. The day focused on progressing project priorities including planning for ongoing engagement and support for the mental health and suicide prevention sectors.
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Journalism and public relations' educators advisory group meeting 
The theme of this Mindframe Journalism and Public Relations Educators’ advisory group dinner event, held in late March, was ‘The mental health of LGBTI people and the role of media and communications’. Guest speakers included MindOUT! Manager Barry Taylor, By Inspire Foundation Communications Officer Doug Millen and JOY 94.9 General Manager Conrad Browne (pictured here with Mindframe Program Manager Marc Bryant and HIMH Director Jaelea Skehan).
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Interview with actor Simone Buchanan
The Mindframe team recently caught up with Simone Buchanan to discuss her role as Samantha Fitzgerald, a character in Neighbours who developed bipolar disorder. Simone talks through some of the challenges she faced, and provides advice for scriptwriters looking to portray a character with mental illness.
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Mindframe participation in ACP Roundtable 
Mindframe Program Manager Marc Bryant participated in an Australian Press Council (APC) roundtable discussion on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 on behalf of Mindframe and the Hunter Institute of Mental Health. Participants were asked to provide comment on the Council’s proposed new General Standards of Practice, in particular the current suicide standard and the inclusion of a standard that covers mental illness/mental health. 
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Mindframe media alert
Mindframe sent an email alert thanking the Australian media for their responsible coverage of the high-profile death of Charlotte Dawson. The alert also reminded media to continue to report responsibly given that repeated and sustained coverage can increase the risk to those who are vulnerable or distressed.
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  • TheMHS Awards: Journalists are encouraged to enter their mental illness stories into the ‘media’ category of the annual TheMHS Awards. A $2,000 cash prize is up for grabs and entries close 1 May. Click here for more information.
  • Mindframe Media Advisory Group meeting, June 2014, Melbourne (further details TBC)
Upcoming activities
  • Launch of the Mindframe app for media professionals
  • Development of social media guidelines and LGBTI resources
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