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Hi <<Your Given Name>>!

The fastest way to plan a retro: The new Quick Reference

There’s something new in the Retromat universe: A Quick Reference to scan through titles and summaries of all activities – plus their duration and what Tuckman team stage they are best suited for. Planning a retrospective has never been so fast and so convenient!

You can thank Jacob for its existence. He said in an email:

“I have been using the online retromat for quite some time now. It is a great site, and it has inspired me a lot. Thank you for creating this.

I purchased the ebook version, today, as I think I can always learn, and this book is full of great tips and tricks. Yeah!

I am missing one thing though, which I tried to describe in a user story format:

As a retrospective facilitator I want a table of retrospective activities with ID, title and Short description grouped by phase, so I can plan my retro activities (faster) from a list, rather than looking them up everytime.”

I immediately knew that I would use it, too, if it existed. So I made it. Jacob and I are both super happy with the resulting PDF. It's exclusively for you fine folks on the mailing list and readers of the eBook. The password is "retromatRocks" (yep, sooo creative, I know ;)

Download the Retromat Quick Reference
While I have your attention: Did you know there’s a Retromat eBook? I mean, before this email? My husband tells me that my marketing is waaay to subtle so prepare for a direct approach:

The eBook will familiarize you with all 130+ activities in Retromat. When a specific team situation comes up, you'll know which activities fit and where to find them.

You'll be equipped with my popular go-to default retrospective that's also suitable for beginners.

To top it off, you'll know your options when ...
  • participants are quiet
  • or hostile
  • the team doesn't implement any of their action items
  • they blame and complain rather than work on solutions
  • and when they are all over the world and you do remote retrospectives
Max, a German Agile Coach, calls it “a perfect addition to the must read ‘Agile Retrospectives’ " \o/

Oh, and you get all updates like new activities and more tips for FREE for forever! Deal? Deal!
Check out the Retromat eBook
Phew, how’s that for non-subtle marketing? Hope it wasn’t too bad. At least my husband can stop nagging now.

All the best to you and yours,

PS: You've got a colleague who would like the Quick Reference? Feel free to forward this email. If they want more stuff like it, they can subscribe here.
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