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Hello <<Your Given Name>>!

New Activities: "Surprise!" and "Dare, Care, Share"

Great news! Thanks to our sponsor’s support, we’ve added two new activities to Retromat :)

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And now, drumroll please for “Surprise!” suggested by Andreas Drexhage and “Dare, Care, Share” suggested by Juliana Stepanova:
Surprise! (#136)
How do the toys in Kinder Surprise Egg represent participants?
Source: Unknown via Andreas Drexhage
Prepare by buying a Kinder Surprise Egg (or something similar with a surprise toy inside) for each participant.Prepare by buying a Kinder Surprise Egg (or something similar with a surprise toy inside) for e
Hand out the eggs at the beginning of the retrospective. Eating the chocolate is optional, but everybody needs to open their egg and assemble the toy. Ask “How does your toy represent your role in this iteration?”
Give everyone a minute to think. Then go around the group for everyone to present their toy and how they relate to it.
Dare, Care, Share (#137)
Collect topics in three categories: 'Dare', 'Care' and 'Share'

Display three categories:
  • Dare
    … is for bold wishes, ideas and suggestions; to address pain points; anything that is important to mention but might need courage to raise
  • Care
    … is for troubles and worries; things that aren’t happening but should; areas for improvement
  • Share
    … is for any kind of information that team members want to share with each other; feedback, news, …
Ask each participant to write down at least 1 sticky note per category and set the timer to 5 minutes. Afterwards go around and let each participant read out their notes and post them in the appropriate category.
I've already tried "Surprise!" and it was a lot of fun. "Dare, care, share" is planned for this week and I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

Happy facilitating,


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