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Will every activity work in a remote retrospective?

Some people would like to have a filter for Retromat that shows only remote activities, i.e. activities that work with distributed teams when team members are not in the same room together.

Thinking about this request, I decided to internally flag activities as “remote-friendly” or “not remote-friendly” as a first step, just for myself. And then, kind of all the ones I looked at (about 10) I could easily turn into a remote activitiy – except for a few obvious exceptions. There are some activities in which “being together in a physical space” is their defining idea such as:

Take a walk
Take a stand

The others were fair game. That was a while ago and back then I decided that if 97% of activities can be converted, a filter doesn’t make sense.

But, what if I was wrong? Let’s check this again: I’ll take the first randomly generated plan and turn its activities into remote activities. I opened Retromat and the random plan was:

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