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Dear Parents,

We regret to inform you of a food contamination incident that took place on campus today. The contaminated food was served to our Pre-School students. It was also briefly on sale in the canteen. Initial investigations have suggested the contamination was limited to only one dish, the Shepherd’s pie. 

The school is taking this incident very seriously and the safety of our students is paramount. 

Incident update
•    Pieces of glass were found in servings of the Shepheard’s Pie 
•    This was first detected in the Pre-School during the lunch serving session 
•    One Pre-school student complained of a bleeding tongue and was attended to immediately by the teacher and our first aid team
•    Our Pre-School team urgently stopped the food consumption upon being alerted and replaced the food with Pasta with tomato sauce
•    The First Aid team has checked all the mouths of all the Pre-School students to look for possible injuries and no injuries were detected
•    The First Aid team contacted a Gastroenterologist for further advice as can be seen below

The School’s advice to parents
•    It is highly unlikely that large pieces of glass were consumed. However, there is a chance that smaller pieces may have been consumed
•    Please observe your child for any abdominal pains or blood in stools
•    In such a case, please urgently seek medical attention at the nearest hospital. Please also contact the school via the below channels.

We deeply regret this incident and are actively investigating the matter with our canteen provider. We will share more information with the community after 7:00pm today.

Should you have any queries, please contact us at or by phone at 64610867.

Kind regards

GESS Management
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