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All the best wishes from the Jimmy Nelson Team at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We want to thank you all for supporting us with our ongoing creative endeavors. 2019 was extraordinary, with many new friends being made and more new opportunities presented.  2020 will be our 10 year anniversary. Let's all stand together, united in our cultural diversity.  


O V E R V I E W   F O T O G R A F I S K A   2 0 1 9

"We would like to share with you a visual overview of our proud exhibitions with Fotografiska Stockholm & Tallinn in 2019. We look forward to the opening of all the future global venues in the years to come."
Homage to Humanity
Jimmy Nelson
D E  B A L I E  
As a visual artist, Jimmy aspires to capture the wealth and authenticity of indigenous peoples, before it is lost forever. His intentions are honourable, but this personal vision has become a catalyst for contemporary debate.  Jimmy's investigates the fine balance between art, engagement, and commerce and this will be discussed together with Orwa Nyrabia, director of International Film Festival IDFA. We herewith invite you all to join the conversation in De Balie, based in Amsterdam, on the 29th of January 2020.  
De Balie
- 29. 01. 2020 - 
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W O R L D  E C O N O M I C  F O R U M  2 0 2 0
We are proud to announce that Jimmy has been named as one of the "Spirits of Davos" of 2020. This will feature an interdisciplinary interaction among peers at The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020. This forum is the foremost creative force for engaging the world's top leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and industry agendas at the beginning of each year. In this regard, participants come together to address the most pressing issues on the global agenda to guide the design and development of the Annual Meeting objectives. At the World Economic Forum, Jimmy and his foundation are going to address the importance of preserving cultural heritage and education for intercultural understanding by pointing to several issues that arise from the demolition of cultural heritage and cultural incomprehension. 

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
Davos, Switzerland 
- 21. 01. 2020 until 24. 01. 2020 -

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