Welcome to Yogaveda's Spring Newsletter 2018

Yogaveda Wellness Subscriber, Welcome to Yogaveda's Spring Newsletter! Spring is the time to shake off winter’s inertia and revive your being. Read on for some simple Ayurvedic cleansing tips to detox and renew. We have a special Spring Yoga Offer, a Yoga Basics Beginners Course and new classes on offer.
Spring draws us out of winter hibernation and awakens us to new beginnings. After a long, cold winter the body can accumulate damp and cold (excess Kapha) which can congest and block the channels (srotas) in the body. This excess Kapha can manifest as weight gain, lethargy, heaviness and a general feeling of dullness in the body. Spring is ruled by the Liver and Gallbladder our main organs for cleansing and processing toxins – allergens from pollens and pollution.

Spring is the ideal time for Ayurvedic cleansing therapies as our body's tissues (dhatus) are more willing to release toxins (ama) at this time. If you feel like you need a health tune-up contact Nikki or Leah for an Ayurvedic Consultation or book yourself one of our range of therapeutic Ayurvedic Treatments.



Purchase a Two-Week Yoga Pass for $50 and come to unlimited classes with any of our highly experienced teachers.

*Valid for October and November 2018.


Five Week Back-to-Basics Beginners Course with Jen Goldberg

Starts Wednesday October 10th at 6.40pm - 8.00pm.

An introduction for newcomers to the foundations of Yoga. Learn simple stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques to improve overall wellbeing.

Special offer Price - 5 Classes Prepaid for $75 (normally $100) 

Book your spot now!


Come and experience one of our new Sound Healing Massage Treatments with Leah.

The soothing, harmonising sounds and gentle vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls lull you into a beautiful deep relaxation, leaving you refreshed and with greater clarity.

Sound penetrates to a cellular level & restores inner harmony, a powerful treatment to combat stress & tension in the body. 

Special offer for October & November 2018 - one hour $70.


Time to Detoxify with Triphala. This traditional Ayurvedic formula consists of 3 medicinal fruits; Amalaki, Bibhitaki & Haritaki which have profound cleansing effects, creating better assimilation, absorption & elimination.

A great detoxifier to use at the change of seasons to boost your immunity & reduce inflammation. Relieve Sinus Congestion this Spring.
Nasya Oil cleanses the sinuses & lubricates the nasal membranes relieving sinus congestion.

Perfect if you are exposed to cold, windy or dusty environments. Nasya oil prevents sinuses drying out, so they don’t produce excess reactive mucous which can then breed infections & create congestion. 

Nasal-decongestant therapy treatment combines herbalised Nasya oil with heat compresses over the sino-nasal cavities to relieve congestion & dilate the channels, relieving allergies & hay fever in Spring.

Also promotes clarity mind, and enhances memory & concentration. An excellent treatment if you are studying.

Nasya Treatment – 30 minutes $45.



If you are a bloke with a tight, tense body and have thought about starting Yoga, but haven't quite made that final step we have just the class for you!

Come along to our new ‘Yoga for Blokes’ class Fridays 11.00am - 12.15pm with Bill Rogers (pictured) and he will help you stretch out those tight muscles and stiff joints.

This session is geared toward complete newcomers to yoga so no body too stiff or old to join!


The Cancer Council are offering a six-week Free Yoga Program at Yogaveda.

The program starts Monday October 8th from 12 noon to 1.00pm for those dealing with Cancer and their carers/support people. Classes will be conducted by Nikki Leaf.

To register call Cancer Council 13 11 20 and select 'speak to nurse' or visit and enter 'Life Now'


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