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Yogaveda Wellness Subscriber, We have some helpful Winter Wellness recommendations to strengthen your immunity and increase your energy levels during these cooler months. Also check out our Yoga & Ayurvedic Treatment specials for July and August.

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Happy to announce our Mind, Body, Spirit Retreat to India in December 2016 is fully booked!

We are looking forward to spending time at our new peaceful retreat location in the Himalayas.

Already we have had enquiries for 2017's India Retreat so you can put your name down or contact us to secure your spot.
  Now we are well into the chill of winter, we need to adjust our diet and lifestyle to adapt to these cold dry months.

Read on for further Yoga and Ayurvedic practices you can introduce to help balance your system and increase your overall wellbeing.


Ayurvedic Massage (Snehana) & Steambox (Bashpaswedana) Treatment Special

This is the perfect time of year to experience a warming, nourishing Ayurvedic full-body massage and herbalised steam-box treatment. A great combination to relieve joint and muscle stiffness, while also providing an effective detoxification.

Two hour treatment - usually $155.
Mention this newsletter to receive this package for $130!


Yoga Special

Shake off the winter slumber and awaken your energy with a good stretch!

Take up our special offer for July & August 2016

Purchase a ten-class pass and receive the 11th class free!

Winter Product Special

Rug up in one of our wool blend shawls!

Perfect for these cool chilly nights.

Special offer - $35 for one
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Valid for July 2016 only



  Winter is well set and we can feel how this seasonal change affects the mind and body. We may be experiencing cold and stiffness in our joints, dryness of skin and sluggish digestion/elimination.

We can also experience a feeling of a winter malaise, lacking motivation to be active, which can lead to stagnant energy in the body. This stagnant energy can create an accumulation of toxins which causes blockages in the body's channels (srotas), lowering our immunity and predisposing us to colds and flus.

The calm, peaceful nature of winter is a time to rest and reflect, to redirect your energy inwards. This withdrawing is embracing the nature of the world around us and moving in tune with it.

  1. Begin your day with a cup of warm ginger tea to improve circulation, stimulate digestion and boost your immune system. Also helps treat inflammation and tonifies the lymphatic system.
  2. Eat warm cooked, unctuous (slightly oily) foods.
  3. Favour warm and hot beverages to increase heat and circulation, like masala chai and teas made with spices such as ginger, cumin, cinnamon, liquorice and tulsi.
  4. Treat your skin to a warm sesame oil body massage (Abhyanga) followed by a warm shower or bath. This self-massage nourishes the skin, warms the body and has a calming effect on the nervous system.
    *Our Vata Body/Bath Oil is a lovely alternative with its warming sesame oil base and balancing essential oil blend of rose, jasmine and lotus.
  5. Keep your respiratory passages clear this winter with Yogaveda's popular custom made Nasya Oil. Apply a few drops daily to nasal passages.
  6. Invigorate your body with regular exercise to increase circulation, energy levels and feelings of wellbeing. Activate your yoga practise and take regular walks in nature.
  7. Spend time in the Sun whenever you can to boost your Vitamin D levels.
  8. Dress in bright warming colours, like reds and oranges, and keep yourself well covered on cold windy days.

  1. Avoid cold damp foods such as yoghurt, cold milk, ice-cream and frozen foods.
  2. Avoid iced and chilled beverages.
  3. Avoid excessively rich, heavy and oily foods e.g. cakes, pastries, meats and fried foods.
  4. Avoid eating a heavy meal at night; try to eat your main meal when your digestion is strong in the middle of the day.
  5. Avoid getting cold and wet and don't go to bed or outside with wet hair.
  6. Be active!



Nasya Oil

Nasya is a herbalised oil which relieves sinus congestion. Used daily, nasya oil removes toxins from the nose, mouth, ears and naso-sinal cavities.

Additional Benefits:
  • Promotes clarity of mind.
  • Improves cognition.
  • Enhances memory.
  • Rejuvenates nervous system.
  • Recommended as part of a daily cleansing routine.
For chronic conditions we offer a series of nasya treatments.

Chyawanprash (Immune Tonic)

Chyawanprash is one of Ayurveda's most famous rejuvenating tonics formulated from 47 herbs and medicinal fruits.
  • Rejuvenates all the tissues of the body
  • Enhances the immune system – builds ojas
  • Anti-stress formula with uplifting effects on the mind
  • Treats respiratory conditions such as colds, flus, asthma etc.
  • Used in the recovery from chronic illness
  • Kindles the digestive fire – agni

Spices For Winter

This is the time to introduce warming winter spices to your diet.

Yogaveda stocks a range of organic spices to stimulate your digestion and add zest to your meals.

We stock organic ginger powder, cardamom pods, cinnamon quills, cumin seeds and turmeric powder.



Winter is the time to get moving - to get off the couch and back on the yoga mat!

As we tend to feel less motivated to exercise in winter, we have to work that bit harder to overcome feelings of lethargy and sluggishness. Due to the cold and damp of this season the Kapha element increases, so our yoga practice needs to become more active to energise the body and mind.

Postures that create more heat and improve the circulation in the body are also particularly beneficial. Your winter practice should include postures such as; standing poses, twists, backbends and inversions.

Practising in this way will create warmth and energy in the body whilst uplifting the mind.






Starting Monday 18 July, 7.30 - 8.45 pm with Bill Rogers

A six-week series of classes to introduce newcomers to the foundations of yoga.

Prepay for the series of six classes and get the special rate of $105 (normally $120)
Book now to secure your spot!




Starting Monday 18 July, 4.00 - 5.00pm with Joy Abbott

Teen Yoga Benefits Include;
  • Helps manage the stresses of school in these challenging years
  • Improves concentration, focus and attention
  • Increases strength, tone and flexibility whilst correcting posture
  • Supports healthy body image

Open to ages 10 - 17. Casuals welcome!

Prepay $130 for 10 classes or $15 per class casual.



Please note the 6.00am & 7.00am classes will not be running over the July and August winter months

Regular early morning classes will resume from Monday September 5th, 2016.



Joy Abbott is now taking the Wednesday 5.00 - 6.20pm class

This will be run as a Beginners Class for those wanting to learn the basics, or for those wanting to get back into it slowly.

Casuals are very welcome!



Winter is here.
Even the locals are curling up....

Good time to turn inwards, to meditate, to be reflective.
Spring will come soon enough...

Ian Gawler

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