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Yogaveda Wellness Subscriber, Hope you are adapting to our new way of living. It certainly has it challenges, but slowly we can make some positive lifestyle changes to help us through this time, including eating well and living healthy. The Yogaveda Shop is still open and we have some great immune boosting herbs and formulas to keep you well and support you through this vulnerable time. We are pleased to be able to now offer daily Online Yoga Classes streamed to you live at home via Zoom. So roll out your mat and book yourself in to a session! If you need to purchase any yoga equipment for your home practice, this can also be accessed at the Yogaveda Shop.


Online Yoga Classes are now up and running!

We have put together a new Online Class Timetable. Please go to our website to view the times and follow the Instructions to join a class online.


1. Download the app to your device (phone, tablet or laptop) and create a log in.
2. Please purchase classes by sending payment to the Account shown on that page. Those who already have Class Passes with us can continue using them for Online Yoga Classes.
3. Once the payment is received you will receive an email with a log-in password that can be used to access the classes.
4. Simply find the class you want to attend.
5. Click "Join Now' at the appropriate time.
6. Enter the password to the Join the class. 
You will be directed to a lobby waiting room until the teacher admits you in before the class. 


You will need a few essentials to get yourself ready for the class;  
* A mat 
* Blanket or two 
* Bolster (or 2 firm cushions/pillows) 
* Blocks if you have them 
* A strap 
* A chair 
* You can however improvise using things around the house like cushions/pillows, rolled up towels etc. We also have a range of Yoga Equipment (Mats, Bolsters, Blocks and Straps) if you are wanting to purchase them for your home practice. 

We are hope you will give the online classes a try to keep up your practice while staying connected to each other. A regular yoga practice is an amazing support for you at this time to maintain your mind body wellbeing. It is both grounding and calming for the mind and body. 


Now we suddenly have this unexpected time on our hands, let’s use it wisely to dose up on some healthy lifestyle choices. Implementing a daily routine (Dinacharya) is an effective way to enhance your immunity. This new daily routine will create a sense of structure to support you through these changing times.


  1. Wake up early – best to be up by sunrise.
  2. Sesame Oil mouth swish – take approximately 2 teaspoons of sesame oil and swish around in your mouth for up to 10 minutes before spitting out and rinsing mouth with warm water.
  3. Scrape you tongue with a tongue scraper.
  4. Apply warm Nasya Oil to the nasal membranes to clear the naso-sinal passages.
  5. Drink a glass of hot water or ginger tea.
  6. Sit and meditate for whatever time you can, settling the mind and creating a positive mindset for the day.
  7. Yoga practice – time to connect to your body and release stress and tensions.
  8. Connect to nature – take a daily walk outdoors somewhere peaceful if you can, such as the ocean or the river.
  9. Give yourself a massage (Abhyanga) with warm Black Seed Sesame Oil – a deeply calming and pacifying experience for mind and body. Follow with a warm shower or bath. 
  10. Eat your main meal of the day between 10am and 2pm when your digestion is peaking. Try to eat your meals in a calm relaxed environment. 
Be gentle with yourself and treat yourself lovingly. Let’s also be grateful for what we have and offer kindness and compassion to others as much as we can, during this turbulent time.


Please visit the Immune Enhancing Superfoods page on our website.

Immune Tea

Freshly blended immune enhancing organic herbal tea containing Ashwaghanda, Tulsi, Turmeric (premium grade), Moringa, Amalaki, Licorice, Ginger & Gotu Kola. This powerful combination of rejuvenating herbs fortifies the immune system. 

Tulsi & Ginger Tea

Organic Tulsi – Holy Basil & Ginger powder These Sattvic herbs are particularly beneficial for relieving respiratory conditions and have a potent synergy to ward off any colds & flu, coughs & sore throat while stoking up your digestive fire.

Chyvanprash – Ayurveda’s Superfood

Chyvanprash is a tonic traditionally taken one month prior to winter to support the immune system. This rejuvenating formula is prepared with more than 40 herbs and is loaded with Amalaki (Vitamin C) that has adaptogenic properties which help the body adapt to stress & strengthen the immune system.
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