2021 NSHG-PM Conference and the Workshop on the Research Response to COVID-19 in the Nordic Countries

NSHG-PM and our virtual co-hosts, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, thank all those who registered and attended the Workshop on the Research Response to COVID-19 in the Nordic Countries of 4 November and the 2021 NSHG-PM Conference of 8-9 November. We are thrilled to announce that our virtual events gathered more than 700 registrants!

Recordings of these two events are now available at our meeting website’s HUB page which remains open to all registrants.


The short-presentations featuring videos will remain available for you to visit for two more weeks. Each e-poster has its own page with a chat window.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lea M. Urpa from the Institute for Molecular Medicine, Finland (FIMM) who was voted the “Best e-Poster” by our audience, for her presentation on “Multiple methodologies reveal novel picture of the genetic architecture of intellectual disability in Northern Finland”.

CONGRATULATIONS, as well, to Natàlia Pujol Gualdo of the Estonian Genome Centre, Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu, whom our live audience voted as the “Best Short Presentation” for the talk on “Advancing our understanding of genetic risk factors and potential personalized strategies in pelvic organ prolapse: largest GWAS to date reveals 19 novel associated loci”.

Lea and Natalia will each receive awards of 250.


Please visit the special resource pages made possible by our supporters (links available from the image below and at the website, from each logo).

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