Online Course in Nordic Personalized Medicine

NSHG-PM has collaborated with Nordic medical faculties to produce the course “Personalised Medicine from a Nordic Perspective,” funded by the Joint Committee of the Nordic Medical Research Councils (NOS-M).

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Nordic News in Brief: FinnGen Flagship Paper, Danish Genealogy, Fine-Tuning with Family History, Jobs, Meetings and more!

Nordic Research Findings and News

  • Danish map of genetic relationships and diagnostics categories (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)

  • Family health history, age power up genomic studies (American Journal of Human Genetics)

  • FinnGen flagship paper (medRxiv preprint)

Upcoming Events

Funding Opportunities

Job Openings

  • 13 postdoc or teaching position are now available at the link below.

March 2022 News Briefs

Nordic Papers

Review our curated March 1 list of papers from Nordic researchers:

March 1, 2022 Nordic Papers

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