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Diploma Program Info / College Prep Night
Diploma Program (DP) Information and College Night for Sage high school students will be Thursday, September 4th from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the downtown location.  The faculty will begin at 6 p.m. with a description of the Diploma Program requirements and how to best prepare for this program that spans the junior and senior years at Sage. 
Beginning at 6:30, join us to learn what each level of high school student should do this year to prepare for college and for a panel discussion with college admissions counselors.  We will also discuss dates for college admissions testing to be offered for sophomores and juniors at Sage this school year.
If you have a Sage sibling that has recently completed the college admissions process, we would like to hear “What do you most wish you would have known about applying for college/scholarships?” You can send a response to the question or an e-mail address for us to inquire to

*This event is open to all interested Sage families and attendees are encouraged to wear their favorite college's logo wear

Teresa Goicoechea, M.Ed, LCP, NCC
Welcome to Sage International School of Boise!

As your counselor, I’d like to welcome you to the new school year, and all of the great things going on at Sage. Ohhh the beginning days of a new school year, the excitement, anticipation, wondering…and often stress and anxiety. This is normal and there are ways to help reduce this anxiety and ensure that your children get off to a positive and happy start. Of course children feed off of our emotions and behavior, so we have to keep ourselves in check. How can we best help?
Stay Positive -children sense the emotions of their parents/guardians.
Show interest in their learning-let them know you care and be an active participant. Demonstrate your belief in them.
Encourage them to get involved in outside activities--discuss their interests. Help them find ways to feel connected. All children need to feel a sense of belongingness.
LISTEN to their reasons for feeling anxious—their worries or concerns. We need to acknowledge their feelings and discuss a plan to deal with these issues.  If they are overly worried or anxious at school, their teachers are very understanding, as are all our staff. And of course, I will always make time to offer support for you and your children.
Talk to your children about ways of making friends and meeting new people at others, say hi to them, ask what  they like to do and if they want to play at recess.  Role play and have fun with it—USE HUMOR—we all need to laugh more.                      
Discuss the IB attributes because they are the core of our school’s philosophy, talk about what each one means, and how they relate to being an IB student of the world.
Communication between home and school is extremely important and valued. We have highly qualified educators and support staff who care so much about children. We all need to work together to ensure that their needs are being met.
Our staff not only helps your children from an educational perspective, but also with Social Emotional Learning (SEL). In order for children to learn, they need to feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.
Finally, a friend sent this VIDEO to me, and I’d like for you to share it with your children. At Sage I see such caring, respect and open-mindedness. I want your children to know how much we admire these qualities in them. Our Sage students truly live up to one of my favorite old sayings of treating others the way you want to be treated. They are great examples of this-- to others of all ages, and this way of thinking will help them and those around them all of their lives.
“If you see someone who is struggling to make a friend or being bullied because he/she doesn’t have many friends or because they are shy or different or not as pretty or well dressed in the most “in” clothes, —PLEASE step up. Say hi or at least smile at them in the hallway. You never know what that person might be facing outside of school. Your kindness might just make a BIG difference in someone’s life.”

Outdoor Program
Did you know there are four times as many trips to go on this year with the Sage Outdoor Program, and that some them are starting right away? Go rafting on the Salmon, backpacking in Utah, explore Yellowstone and Death Valley, ski in the back country and soak in the hot springs! Preview upcoming trips and see where the adventure leads!

Opt-In Request

If you are interested in continuing to receive the SCN monthly newsletter and to stay up to date on activities and events we encourage you to OPT-IN to the PTO.  By opting-in you become a member of the organization with voting privileges, opportunity to serve on the SCN Board, access to online school directory and more.
Teacher/Staff Appreciation

Watch your email box as our first Teacher / Staff Appreciation Day is coming right up on September 10. This is where we as parents have the opportunity to shower our teachers and staff with love, much like they do our children each school day.  This is a school wide event that happens the 2nd Wednesday of every month throughout the school year.

*This year as we work towards being green and sustainable the SCN is seeking used dishes and utensil donations for Appreciation Day at both locations.  If you have items to donate please contact us via email and we will be happy to coordinate a pick up or delivery time.

To the 100+ volunteers that turned out for the facilities maintenance day. As a team we moved grades 2-5 between buildings at the Park Center Campus, and moved several rooms inside the K-1 building. Moving those lockers was an adventure! We also cleaned the bathrooms and scrubbed all of the common area walls. Unfortunately, due to a communications SNAFU the downtown site was a little low on volunteer numbers.  Thank-you to those who made it down there and worked your hearts out. Everyone’s efforts were truly appreciated by the staff.
Also, Thank You to all our Traffic Volunteers at Parkcenter the first week of school!
SCN Needs You!

Our main efforts include:
Help during the normal school day, see:  "In-school" Volunteers;
Teacher/Staff Appreciation including our great Luncheons, see: Teacher/Staff Appreciation;
Community building events for the school wide community, see: Events;
Facilities - Beautification Day see: Facilities Committee; and Improved active communication (going to board meetings, talking to teachers, etc), see: Communication

To get involved just SIGN UP and you can bet we'll call you!
New Exchange Students at Sage

Thanks to Judy Conrad and the EF Foundation Sage is hosting five EF exchange students at Sage HS this year.  We have Maicen from Norway, Sandy from Tawian, Sara from Spain, Tassja from Switzerland,  and
Franizska from Germany.
Sage Community Service Day

Fall is an amazing time of year in Boise's parks, with the trees awash in color with autumn leaves. However, the amazing colors come at a price. The leaves fall and the Boise Park's Dept. end up having quite a mess on their hands.

SCN has signed up to volunteer as a team and we invite the Sage community to participate in the 2014 Rake our Parks event on November 22, which helps Boise Parks & Rec address the huge amount of leaves that fall.  It is a great community buildilng opportunity that is good for our school as well as our Boise community.
Details to follow.

Directors Spotlight
Hello Sage Community!
My name is Hayden Mazzarelli. I am the mother of J.D. Mazzarelli (7th Grade) and Zephyr Mazzarelli (4th Grade), wife of Joey, and Middle School Representative for Sage Community Network (PTO). When I'm not busy being a mom or running my business, I enjoy spending time with my family, rock climbing, skiing, playing piano, biking, traveling and anything else that keeps me moving.
I am very excited to be the Middle Year Program Coordinator for Sage Community Network! I was able to meet several students and parents at our summer activities and I look forward to meeting more as the year progresses.  As the MYP Coordinator, it is my responsibility to find Grade Representatives for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, meet regularly with Ms. Hegg to determine how SCN can best support the school, and act as a liaison between the School, SCN Board and parents.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or are interested in helping out either as a grade representative or a general volunteer!

Thu., September 4: 6-830pm

DP Info/College Prep Night
(Downtown Campus)

Tues., September 9:  6:30pm

SCN (PTO) Meeting *monthly event every 2nd Tuesday *cancelled; annual meeting scheduled for Sept. 11

Wed., September 10: 19
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch (Both campuses)

Thu., September 11: 6-8pm
SCN (PTO) Annual Meeting/Parent Happy Hour
(Solid Bar and Grill)

Sat., September 13: 10am
Nature Hike
(Old Penitentiary Trail)

Tues., September 16: 8am
Coffee Hour
(Parkcenter Campus - front of little school)

Click for Additional Dates

All Elementary School play date at Jumptime - back by popular demand:
 Fri., September 12: 2-5pm
(every 2nd Friday of the month)
Stay Tuned: Chess Club will start in October. Sign up and more info come September.
Carpool Anyone?
There are a few Sage families interested in carpooling.  One in particular, Stephanie, is looking for a parent that drives on Mallard after school that would be willing to drop her daughter at her work after school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. The more the merrier.
Bulletin Board
Events listed below are not sponsored by SCN.  They are opportunities outside of Sage offered by those in the Sage community.

Girls Scouts Info and Ice Cream Social

Come Join Us in Our Girl Scouting Adventures and Leadership Journeys
Through the activities of the Girl Scout Experience, Girls:
Discover themselves and their values; CONNECT with others through sharing and teamwork; and learn how to TAKE ACTION to make a difference in their communities

We are now enrolling new Girl Scouts and their parents as Adult Volunteers/Leaders! With Girl Scouts you can try new things, make lifelong friends, travel the world, and even earn college scholarships and job opportunities through the life skills that Girl Scouting teaches.

Thu., Sept. 4 @ 6:00 PM
Sage Elementary Parkcenter Cafeteria

Who: Girls and Adult Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents or any other significant role model in the girls’ life.

For more info Contact Rich Ross @ 863-2413 or
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