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  Miss Kelly

Mr. Richards

Meet the new faces at Sage Int'l

Seven BSU Student Teachers join the classroom

My name is Ashley Kelly. I am currently a Boise State University intern finishing up a degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Literacy Education. It is my pleasure to announce that I am working with the fourth grade team for the duration of the year. Being connected with the Sage community is a dream come true! The philosophy of Sage International is something that I deeply believe in. Inquiry based learning and critical thinking are a couple of my favorite attributes. Each day I will show up motivated and dedicated to do my best for your children.

My main priority and passion is teaching. I love interacting with students, parents, and colleagues through the learning process. In my eyes, there is nothing more important than serving my community through education. I also love to read, write, hike, dance, and create art. In the warmer months you can find me in my garden with dirty hands. Another aspect of my life that is of value is human connection. Being an Idaho native, I have had the time to create strong relationships with my family and friends.

Thank you for taking time to allow me to introduce myself. I look forward to our next interaction. If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at

Best regards,

Miss Kelly

Greetings Parents!

My name is Casey Richards, I am the Boise State University intern for 5th graders at Sage International School. As I begin my professional year, I just wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself.

I am a former Geo-Science major, and have picked up a mathematics endorsement as my area of specialization. I wanted to change my degree to Elementary Education because I love interacting with students, and helping them overcome their struggles as they work their way through their academic careers. I live for the moments when students finally go “a-ha!” or “I get it now!” after a long, hard battle with a certain problem or subject area. To me, these moments encompass what it means to be a great teacher.

I enjoy learning about various cultures and perspectives from around the world, and wish to bring that curiosity into my own classroom someday. As a teacher-in-training I will dedicate myself to building encouragement and confidence in the students here at Sage. I'm eager to begin working with the students here, and will work my hardest to give your children the very best instruction they deserve.

If you have any questions for me, you can reach me by email at I'm looking forward to a fun and productive year here at Sage!


Casey Richards

My name is Jen Goodale, and I’m a native of Boise, ID. I graduated from Bishop Kelly in 2006, The College of Idaho in 2010, and went on to briefly attend physical therapy school in Glendale, Arizona before deciding that I really wanted to be a teacher! I enrolled in Boise State’s teacher education program and am so excited to be a student intern in the first grade here at Sage International School. I look forward to getting to know each of your children and working with the amazing first grade teachers here: Miss Durkin, Miss Swanson, and Mrs. Seabolt. My first two weeks here have been fantastic and I look forward to enjoying the rest of the school year with Sage and learning from your students, teachers, and Mrs. Bettencourt.
January Sage Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting


In an effort to better bridge the communication channel between the school and the community one of the new implements of the SCN includes having a representative at all BOD meetings to both represent and inform the community. Beginning with this month's newsletter we will publish short updates on the happenings at the BoD monthly meetings. Minutes of the BoD meeting are posted on the Sage webpage, but they need to be approved at the next meeting and therefore come out a month later. This is our way of keeping everyone up to date.

  • Ms Hegg will be more present at the MS and Mr. Keller will be more present at the HS

  • 16+ new students

  • Lottery applications look great: 525 and counting

  • Next year's calendar: Board received 10 comments – 5 positive, 3 negative, and 2 with questions.

  • Staff survey (from last school year) was discussed (Sage's strong traits: collaboration and teamwork; weak: career opportunities)

  • Good participation in the PreK survey – demand is there!

  • Discussions for next meeting on Tuesday Feb. 10:

    • PreK scenarios and possible implementations

    • State of the school address - low participation last year. It will not be organized by the school administration.

    • Parent survey school 2014/15


      Update submitted by Petra Schwarthoff

Exchange Students at Sage

Tassja Liechti, 16, Liesberg, Switzerland (population 1000)
School Size (How many students)? 200

Languages you speak? Swissgerman
What is your favorite thing about America? Your least favorite? How does it compare to your country? The people are really open and talk with you. When you live here you need a car to get somewhere. The people in Switzerland are not that open and go to people they don’t know and talk with them they don’t  do that. I like it when I can walk around in my village.
What is your favorite American food? Hamburgers.
What is the strangest/funniest experience you've had since you were here? When I'm here people use German words and it sounds really funny in Switzerland we do the same thing with English. Read more about Tassja

If you would like to bring an foreign exchange student into your family, please contact Maureen Tyczka at 208-340-1788 or  Maureen works with EF High School Exchange Year who have been placing high school exchange students through out the United States for over 50 years.  Follow this LINK for more information.

Meet Sages’ exchange students and find out more about it at our Exchange students Information Night on Tuesday March 10 at 7pm.

February Health Corner:

Hello All,

Happy New Year, I hope this year is off to a wonderful start for you and your family. Please check out some new suggestions for healthy snacks this month. This month I wanted to list some more creative healthy snacks (maybe a little more time consuming) to spice up your lunches and snacks.


Mrs. Flores
(Sage Health, Wellness & Social Education Educator)

Creative and Healthy Snacks

1. Hard boiled egg with pepper or other seasoning on the side (an oldie but a goodie if they like eggs)

2. Rolls: light cream cheese, baby spinach, and lunch meat (turkey) rolled up in 100% Whole Wheat tortillas. Cut roll in slices and use toothpicks to hold together

3. Kale chips (homemade)

4. Two versions on Ants on a Log (can also use sliced apples as a substitute for celery):

* Raisins and peanut butter on celery

* Blackberries (or cranberries) and light plain cream cheese on celery

5. Pre-made smoothie: fruit, yogurt, banana (maybe add a little spinach or juice to it and freeze it the night before)

6. Reduced fat cottage cheese and sliced apricots (scoop the cottage cheese to put inside apricots)

7. Light popcorn (we tend to forget about this one)

8. Quesadilla, light shredded cheddar cheese, black beans, fresh salsa/or diced tomatoes (premade and cut in 4’s)

9. Peanut butter and banana sandwich

10. Dried fruit with minimal additives or ingredients

Teachers' Needs Request

High school community exploration class is looking for two 4 ft x 8 ft pieces of plywood. Please contact Tanya Rush for additional information.


Middle school art teacher Mimi Newstadt looking for lots of stuff (please bring to the art room at Parkcenter Sage)
- Scrapbooking or Other Paper

- Styrofoam Meat Trays, Egg Cartons, Plastic Food Containers, Etc.

- String and/or Yarn, Embroidery Floss, Felt, Fabric, Ribbon, Fishing Line, Tape, Etc.

- Fashion and Other Magazines (Lots of Pictures, Especially Large Faces)

- Tools of Any Kind (Work or Office), Large Needles, Etc.

- Buttons, Beads, Craft Popsicle Sticks, Etc.

- Old Frames

- Posterboard, Railboard, Tag Board, Pressboard, Card Stock, Cardboard, Etc.

- Cardboard or Plastic (Shoe) Boxes

- (Empty) Toilet Tissue Rolls

- Fishing Tackle & Tool Boxes

- Any Other Miscellaneous Art Supplies and/or Art Instruments

- Newspapers and/or Large Brown Paper Bags

- Empty & Clean Plastic Water Bottles

- Wooden Dowels or Wood Scraps

- Old calendar pictures

Bulletin Board
Events or requests listed below are not sponsored by SCN and are from the general Sage Community

Boise State hosts STEM Day for kids
Sat., Feb. 7, 9a-4p
Learn More

Free Skate Day
Sun., Feb. 8, 2-4pm

Century Link and the Idaho Steelheads invite the community to join them on the ice at Century Link Arena in downtown Boise for "Free Skate Day."

Amaru Confections is Boise, Idaho's custom cake and desert shop. Valentines Day is fast approaching - order your sweet treats now!

Mastermind Taster with Jen Justice on Thursday, February 5 at 2pm.  More Information HERE.

Mother Tongues is free  and open to anyone interested in keeping their mother tongues alive. To learn more about Mother Tongues or other courses offered email Sage Parent Rosemarie Schwarzenberger.

Upcoming Events

Cyber Bullying Presentation

Tuesday, February 10 - 7pm (Parkcenter)

Find out more about the world of computers, its dangers and what we parent can do. You will also be able to preview a movie that our Middle school kids will watch - more info is coming. Our fantastic DT teacher, Jim Dent, and our IT guy, Joe Temple, will lead this presentation!


Ignite Sage II is Coming Soon!

Last year we held the first Ignite Sage event.  It featured the youngest Ignite speaker on record (anywhere!) as well as a wide variety of student, parent and faculty presentations on topics ranging from junk food to IB super heros and from “insights into the theory of evolution” to “why sage is weird” (and shouldn’t change a bit!).  The audience was lively and encouraging and the evening was a great success!


Click HERE to see the videos from last year.


Now we’re ready to do it again!


Watch for upcoming announcements for “Ignite Bootcamps” (a fun and interactive “how to” evening for people thinking about possibly presenting) and speaker signups.


Under the Ignite format, each presenter/speaker (students, parents, staff) gets exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or inspire the crowd, all backed up by 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds (usually this means about 40 words per slide).


For those who think 5 minutes is a bit more than they have to say about their favorite topic, we are also accepting “Spark Sage” talks (our very own creation); same format, but only 5 seconds (roughly 15 words) per slide.


Talks can cover a wide range of topics, interests, passions, experiences.  For Ignite Sage, the only requirement is that there is some “IB” or “Sage” component to the talk (e.g “Everything I ever needed to know I learned from a 3D printer” or “10 world leaders that could have benefited from an IB education”).   Ignite Sage should showcase the diversity of interests, culture, and passions throughout the Sage community. Follow this LINK to learn more!


Monthly Middle School Awards
Team Terra!

A special page has been created by friends of Terra Louis, one of our Sage 9th graders, who is battling a rare form of cancer called aveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. $10 from each item will be donated towards her personal medical expenses. Nine different bracelets styles and necklaces to chose from in black, green, or pearl. To learn more click HERE.

Welcome back to school, parents! I hope everyone enjoyed winter break. We received our December check from the Box Tops for Education™ program and earned over $700!  Way to go! We still need your help clipping and turning in box tops.  There are green cardboard boxes in each of the three Sage locations to collect the box tops.

Sincerely, Kira Lunde

Idaho Youth Ranch
Bring your easy to transport donated items to campus and drop in the IYR sheds and Sage will receive money each time they collect the donated goods.

Western Recycling
Sage has an account set up with Western Recycling located at 1990 S Cole Rd (across from Costco) Drop off your recyclable items and Sage will earn a kickback!

This free program helps us raise money for the School whenever you shop online. All you have to do is access your favorite stores from the links on the school's website. When you make a purchase Sage earns a small commission, without any additional cost to you.

Sat., Feb. 21, 

Fun Winter Activity
Steamboat Gulch Sledding Hill

Idaho City

Tues., Feb. 10: 4-6p
4th Grade Families
Mix & Mingle

(Smoky Mtn. Parkcenter)

Tues., Feb. 10: 6:30p
SCN Monthly Meeting
(Sage Parkcenter)

Tues., Feb. 10: 7:00p
Cyberbullying Presentation
(Sage Parkcenter)

Wed., Feb. 11: 10a
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch  
(Both campuses)

Thu., Feb. 12: 6-8pm
Parent Social Hour
(Solid Bar and Grill)
To all our volunteers for your time, energy, and gracious donations of food and more that make our monthly events so successful! 
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