SCN April Update

Our second annual Ignite Sage event will take place on Saturday April 25 from  2:30pm to 5:00pm at the Idaho State Capitol (700 W Jefferson)  in the Lincoln Auditorium WW02, West (Senate) Wing. 

Last year we held the first Ignite Sage event.  It featured the youngest Ignite speaker on record (anywhere!) as well as a wide variety of student, parent and faculty presentations on topics ranging from junk food to IB super heros and from “insights into the theory of evolution” to “why sage is weird” (and shouldn’t change a bit!).  The audience was lively and encouraging and the evening was a great success!

If you applied to speak at the event, your email inbox should soon have information on whether your presentation was chosen, and more detailed instructions on presenting.   Also, look for upcoming information on Ignite boot camps. put on by Mr. Downey, to help you hone your presentation, and relieve your jitters.   

If you’re not presenting, please consider joining us, supporting and cheering for fellow Sage, students, parents and faculty as they attempt to light up the audience with their words. 
~ Tuesday May 12 ~
Question and Answer session with the Sage Board of Directors and the SCN. Get your questions answered, your voice heard, and help us build our community.
~ Thursday, June 4 ~ 
All School Year End Potluck at Municipal Park with Taiko drumming and other music performances.

Tues., April 14: 6:30p
SCN Monthly Meeting (Agenda)
(Sage Parkcenter)

Tues., April 21: 8:00am
Coffee Social
(Sage Parkcenter - little building)

Thu., April 23:  4pm
5th Grade Families
Mix & Mingle

(Smoky Mtn. Parkcenter)

Sat., April 25:  2:30pm
Ignite Sage II
(Idaho State Capitol)

Bruneau Dunes
Annual Family Camping Trip

If you've been looking for a way to strengthen friendships with Sage families, build community with other Sage parents and students, and establish connections while having fun, please join us for the 3rd Annual Sage International School Camp Out.  The camp out is scheduled for May 29-31, at Bruneau Dunes State Park.  Please come for one or both nights, and enjoy dune sledding, observatory viewing, community camp fire, and a generally great time with other Sage families.  Sage Community Network  has reserved 50 tent spots in the Broken Wheel area (sites 31-33). You can claim your spot HERE If you would like to come with a trailer or RV please reserve your own spot at the Idaho State Park site.  If you're camping with a tent, or looking for more information on how to reserve your spot, go to our SCN webpage. We hope to see you at the Dunes!

The SCN Board has three open seats to fill for the 2015-16 school year. We encourage each of you to consider joining the SCN team! For more information please
email us for details.

Mind the Gap:
Sage Int'l School, our public school of choice, is always in need of our support. Over the next few weeks a video series will be released that explains why it's important to give.  Together let's give to Sage and show that we encourage, love, and support what our school leaders and teachers are doing - ultimately benefiting all the children we all love. We are called to participate no matter the giving level. Please consider giving to Sage.

Sage Board of Directors
Meeting Update

(informal by Petra Schwarthoff)
  • New board member: Wendy Cox Dvorak.
  • There were over 1,000 applicants in the lottery and Sage currently has a wait list of around 850 students, including 20 siblings.   Each year, students leave Sage during the school year.  In order to maintain funding levels, Sage has to replace these students as they leave.  Our teachers indicate this can be highly disruptive to classroom dynamics and asked for a solution.  To resolve this issue, next year, Sage will begin the school year with 2 additional students in each class for grades 3, 4, and 5 - but will not rely on the funding they provide for budgeting purposes.  This will allow 2 (or possibly more) students to leave each class throughout the school year before Sage has to consider adding a new student.     
  • Testing started and Sages' 9th and 10th graders will participate in the famous Pisa study.
  • Mind the Gap is on track and a great video campaign is coming soon - look out for it.
  • The board has a new secretary:Lori Howard
  • Staff evaluation and parent questionnaires are being prepared
Next meeting is on Monday April 20.

Health Corner:

from Emily  Flores Health, Wellness Educator

Craving something crunchy:
Graham crackers
Low-fat granola bar
Melba toast
Rice cakes
Soy chips
Soy nuts
Hummus and pita wedge

A new twist on fruit vegetables:
Frozen grapes, banana slices, strawberries…
Olives and pickles (without nitrates)
Apple slices with cinnamon
Canned fruit in juice
Fruit salad
Tomato stuffed with lowfat tuna or egg salad
Tomato stuffed with brown rice
Veggie wrap with lowfat dressing

Quick calcium ideas: 
Low-fat pudding cups
Low-fat yogurt cups
String cheese
Low-fat cottage chees and fruit

Quick fixes:
1/2 turkey or lean ham sandwich with lowfat mayo
Apple butter on whole wheat toast
100% whole wheat bagel with almond butter
Deli ham wrapped in lettuce leaves (and other sliced vegetables)
Green salad with lowfat dressing (add nuts)
Smoked salmon on whole grain crackers
Homemade three-bean salad with reduced calorie dressing
Whole grain crackers with lowfat cheese or cream cheese

April Teacher Corner:

Mrs. Stelzner's
Middle School Urban PE program

has adopted Section SE 1.3 to SE 1.9 of the Boise Greenbelt to teach stewardship and to develop a sense of pride. Our first clean up of the area was Thursday, March 12. We will be cleaning it periodically through the school year.

What a treat: 
Tom Schimmer (leading expert in the area of assessment for learning) came to Sage on Friday (4/3) and worked with our fabulous teachers.
He mentioned something, we parents need to know and learn (from Carol Dweck):

Every word and action sends a message. It tells our children how to think about themselves. It can be a fixed mindset message that says: “You have permanent traits and I’m judging them.” Or it can be a growth mindset message that says: “You are a developing person and I am interested in your development”...

Listen for the messages in the following examples:

“You learned that so quickly! You’re so smart!”
“Look at that drawing. Martha, is he the next Picasso or what?”
“You’re so brilliant, you got an A without even studying!”

If you’re like most parents, you hear these as supportive, esteem-boosting messages. But listen more closely. See if you can hear another message. It’s The ones that children hear:

"If I don't learn something quickly, I'm not smart."
"I shouldn't try drawing anything hard or they'll see I'm no Picasso."
"I'd better quit studying or they won't think I'm brilliant."

Curious - find more info at Mindset works.

Spanish enhancement interest ?

Why stop at one language? Our young learners’ brain flexibility and curiosity can acquire multiple languages with ease while also being beneficial in other area of their development. Spanish seems to be a logical choice and a complement to French. What would you think of an elective Spanish enhancement program before or after school next year? To evaluate the interest of such enhancement program at Sage, we would like to get feedback on family interest.

Please, indicate if interested in before, after school, either or not interested. Please EMAIL your response.

Thanks for your consideration.
Luce Peterson
(Mother of a first and fourth grader)




Chess Club

What a great season!
A big "Thank You" goes to our parent volunteers Gwen Hernandez and Raymond Wong and our wonderful chess teacher Erica Barkell.

Exchange Student Highlight Maicen from Hemsedal, Norway
Maicen's host parents are Chrissy and Randy Irish.
Maicen is 17 and comes from a community of 2000 inhabitants. Read more about Maicen's favorite thing about America as well as her least favorite thing HERE.


Have you ever been in the great outdoors by yourself and wondered, "What would I do if someone got hurt right now?" The Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course is a nationally recognized certification.  Sage International School is proud to host this 9-day course from June 15-23rd, 2015 in the downtown campus. If you are interested, please contact Eric Wakild.
This past week you may of seen students being interviewed for our upcoming video on Mind the Gap. Watch for the video and see why it's an important component of making Sage great.

Idaho Youth Ranch
Bring your easy to transport donated items to campus and drop in the IYR sheds and Sage will receive money each time they collect the donated goods.

Western Recycling
Sage has an account set up with Western Recycling located at 1990 S Cole Rd (across from Costco) Drop off your recyclable items and Sage will earn a kickback!

This free program helps us raise money for the School whenever you shop online. All you have to do is access your favorite stores from the links on the school's website. When you make a purchase Sage earns a small commission, without any additional cost to you.


Foothills Mtn. Bike (April 14, May 22)  We will cart your bike up into the foothills for you, and ride down the thrilling trails with you back down to the school. (Half day, Tuition $25)

Owyhee Canyonlands Hike (April 24) Spring is springing, and it's time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Nowhere better to go than out into the banana belt of the Owyhee Canyonlands to get some warm weather, see some cool rock formations, and have a great time. (Full Day, Tuition $40)

Canyon Trip - Leslie Gulch (May 1) We will hike a couple of the best hikes there, in beautiful Leslie Gulch. So come with us for a truly eye-opening day scenery you had no idea existed so close to Boise! (Full Day, Tuition $40)

City of Rocks (May 7-9) On this trip, we will camp in City of Rocks Natural Reserve in south-central Idaho, where we will be guided on several climbing routes by qualified local climbing experts. We'll also explore the stunning local trails, enjoy delicious backcountry meals, and probably stop by the local hot spring on the way back! (Weekend, Tuition $150)

Please contact ALEX OLSEN for more info


Save the Date:
Tuesday May 12:
Question and Answer session with the Sage Board of Directors and the SCN. Get your questions answered, your voice heard, and help us build our community.

Thursday, June 4: 

All School Year End Potluck at Municipal Park
with Taiko drumming and other music performances.

Bulletin Board
Events or requests listed below are not sponsored by SCN and are from the general Sage Community

Experiential Networking Retreat McCall, Idaho
May 15-17, 2015

Bliss After 40’s unique retreat experience brings women together to draw on each other’s diverse life experiences and provide fresh ideas for solving the most challenging issues facing women in pursuit of their bliss. For more information, visit the BA40 website.

Mother Tongues 
is free and open to anyone interested in keeping their mother tongues alive. To learn more about Mother Tongues or other courses offered email Sage Parent Rosemarie Schwarzenberger.
To all our volunteers for your time, energy, and gracious donations of food and more that make our monthly events successful! 
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