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How to harness situated knowledge, when meeting in person is impossible? 10 eco-social design projects demonstrate how to push for social-ecological transformations together with people and partners out there in Covid19 times. See more at the virtual end-of-semester exhibition of the Faculty for Design & Art. The Opening Event is on Friday the 3rd, 18:00 — 20:00. A part of it will be the works of the second-semester project of the MA Eco-Social Design.


The 2-year practice-based and transdisciplinary study course is an educational framework for designers that aim to contribute to more sustainable, resilient, solidary and just futures — both locally and trans-locally. Read more about it and apply or spread it to interested people, please. The tuition fees have been lowered by 25% (1.011,38 € per year instead of 1.348,50). We will collaborate in our ateliers and workshops with smaller groups, and online or outside for bigger events.


We finally were able to decide to do our really real annual conference 1–4 October 2020 in a hybrid format: a part will take place on various locations in and around Bolzano and in the Upper Valley of Vinschgau (Mals and surroundings). In this “festival diffuso” parallel workshops, walks and talks are spread across the region. Once a day we all gather in a video conference to interconnect, discuss and collaborate, and to enjoy talks and presentations. 
Parallel workshops, walks and talks could also be done in other locations around the globe (and interconnected online). If you are interested organising parallel local event wherever you are, please get in touch (also for any other idea). Act local, interconnect globally!


The Beyond Crisis Conference, 17-18 April, (documentation) has been an online „social un-distancing-experience“ (Saskia Hebert), which led to several follow-up actions. Two working groups are active: The Alliances Enabling Group (AEG; Milena Baldon, Kris Krois & others) and the Diverse Economies Resource Fund (DERF; initialized by Bianca Elzenbaumer, Martina Dandolo & Flora Manama; meeting each first Friday of a month, 10:00–12:00 CET). Together with the Beyond Crisis team, we contributed to Degrowth Vienna 2020. Finally, we figured out that a light-weight umbrella structure would be useful to interconnect the various groups and networks. We call it Transformation Engaged Actors (TEA). This includes also the freshly founded Alumni-Network for Transformers (announcement & documentation) and the network of transformation-engaged study courses on a more institutional level. Confusing? A blog post, which lays out all this more concisely will come soon. In the meanwhile, if you want to connect, you can subscribe to the shared mattermost team by following this invitation link (like slack, but open source & privacy-friendly). If you install the app (recommended second step), please enter this server address: In mattermost the default channel for all is the “Town Square”, additionally you can subscribe to the “Blog” and to the channels of each group.
Greetings from the Alps

Animated illustrations by Celeste Meisel & Stella Kornfeld / MA Eco-Social Design
Cup by iconcheese / Noun Project
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