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Another caffeine fix for your brain

Issue #3


Welcome to a glimpse inside the head of Coffeechug

This is the third issue the Coffeechug newsletter. I have learned a great deal since the first two issues.

Goal is to continue to provide some insights into things I am reading, listening, and working on. Always open to thoughts and feedback.

Thank you so much if you are a subscriber. Thank you even more if you spread the word. Each week we gain a subscriber or two. Be sure to let me know what you would like for me to cover and address.

What I Am Thinking and Learning This Week

  • Checking out the power of Topsy for Twitter as I check out my history all sorts of other crazy things about my Twitter trends. Very cool to back read other people as well.
  • Really considering buying a MeCam to record a day in my life or put on a robot. Perhaps there is no difference between me and robot. Perhaps I should buy a GoPro
  • Playing around with Classic Note app. How fun to go all nostalgia.
  • Loving that the new iOS7 allows me to put a lot more apps into my folders
  • Man of Steel soundtrack is great music to do work with as I feel like a superhero!
  • Coming up with top songs is proving more daunting than expected. ♫ Coffeechug Top 100 2013 by Aaron Maurer
  • After a week of having 30 bodies in my classroom for project based learning exhibition night and having them hang off my ceiling it feels good to work on a personal goal of decluttering.
  • Seriously, if you are going to create a book app why do you not include the words to be highlighted when being read?
  • I wrote a post about it being okay not being innovative. It generated some interesting discussion. What are your thoughts?
  • Going back to reading and apps, times have changed so do we really need to have characters called, "Dick"

What books am I reading?

I reread "Die Empty" by Toddy Henry to prepare for upcoming podcast

"Fascinate" by Sally Hogshead. She just moved to my top ten favorite thinkers after listening to an interview of her and studying her work. Finally had time to read this weekend. So far, so good.

I just dropped off 25 books back to the library to pick up another 21. Next up is

Five Elements of Effective Thinking

Newspaper Blackout

Reading has been down due to reviewing 68 book apps. Will be sharing those on my blog, one a day. Or you can go to them all where I am using KustomNotes to create a template in Evernote that posts them to So AWESOME!

What are you reading? Let me know!
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