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Another caffeine fix for your brain

Issue #1


Welcome to a glimpse inside the head of Coffeechug

This is the first issue of something new that I am working on to develop my personal growth and goals. I will be working to create a weekly newsletter where I will be sharing out things I am working on, ideas in development, and things I am reading.

Be ready for this newsletter to undergo changes as I learn from my mistakes and things that go well and not so great. All feedback is always welcome and would love to hear if anything works for you or doesn't.

Here we go and thank you so much for taking to read and subscribe.

What I Am Thinking and Learning This Week

  • Does the world of education really want change? I keep spinning wheels reading about creating change that is needed, but often feel like there is little movement to actually create change. The ones that run the systems talk of change, but it seems like we just shift items around with new names while never really changing anything. Don't want to be negative at all, but when do we realize that status quo is not the answer and new names to existing systems is not creative and innovative?
  • Is there anything better than a cup of coffee and reading a book with a 2 year old snuggled up next to you to start your weekend?
  • Very excited, but also a tad stressed for next week as I have the awesome opportunity to bring on authors Todd Henry and Clive Thompson to my new podcast series. Big names and longtime idols of thinking for me and now I actually get to talk to them. Never believed this would be happening. We never know what can happen if we don't try.
  • Teacher Tinker Time is proving to be more valuable than I ever imagined and really shows a lot about the culture and feeling of staff. Best thing I have implemented this year.
  • How did I amass so magazines to read?
  • Creating an atmosphere in a fishtank made of LEGO is proving way more difficult than I ever thought.

What books am I reading?

I reread "Die Empty" by Toddy Henry to prepare for upcoming podcast

I reread my notes and excerpts of "Smarter Than You Think" by Clive Thompson

Started reading "Rework" by Jason Fried. I had to stop because I had to buy a copy so I could mark the book with notes, highlights, and stickers. The first 50 pages literally made my brain explode and challenged so many thoughts I currently have developed.

Finished up "David and Goliath" by Malcom Gladwell. Working on review now. Must process the information. I liked the book, but not necessariily a favorite. Yes, there I admit. The first one to not glorify the book. Looking to have a book discussion on this book via Google Hangout for future podcast. Interested? Let me know.

Next up to read?
"Fascinate" by Sally Hogshead. She just moved to my top ten favorite thinkers after listening to an interview of her and studying her work.

"Invent To Learn" by Sylvia Martinez. I bought this book the day it came out. Have not read it. Shame on me. Must read with all the Arduino work I am doing.

What else should I add to my TBR pile?
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