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                          The Internet of Everything Chronicle #1

Dear friends, 
It is twelve years since we invested in M2M at BrainHeart Capital: Wireless Maingate and Wireless Car - great ideas and companies but far too early. I have been following the space ever since trying to understand when time is right. Two years ago I saw the light and started my consulting firm helping decision makers to figure out how to best utilize the M2M opportunity in their business and industry. My company is part of the IT and Management Consulting group B3IT. The insight gained is of course also interesting for operators, vendors, investors, media and advisers so I have ended up working with an interesting mix of companies in several countries. I try to share my views and findings in articles, at industry events and in my blog which is aiming to provide relevant, correct and interesting information for people really interested in M2M aka Internet of Everything. 
But decision makers across all industries are the ones who really will make M2M or Internet of Everything happen. So I have decided to introduce a light version of my blog content and findings aimed at decision makers who just want to stay tuned with the development and be inspired by good examples. I will deliver this as an informal chronicle over email to people who wants to follow. I'll send it when I think I have something of interest to share and when I have time so once a month might be a good guess. Feedback is always welcome and please let me know if you don't want to receive any more Chronicles. 
I hope you will enjoy the first issue of my Internet of Everything Chronicle. Unfortunately it will be quite long since I want to cover the fundamentals of my view of Internet of Everything to create a foundation for coming Chronicles.
A dear child has many names: M2M, Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Telematics and Telemetry are to me flavors of the same thing - connecting things with some intelligence on top. We have seen the movie before! Some twenty years ago we started connecting people and businesses to the Internet. We connected to use email externally and to be part of the web, without really knowing what that was. But very quickly people saw tremendous efficiency gains enabled by the Internet. Examples of such operational value were documentation on-line, new customer support alternatives and intranets. After harvesting operational value people started inventing new business models and products, based on the information created and available on the Internet. This is when new stars like Google,, Skype and Amazon were born, industries where re-invented and slow movers were overtaken by quick innovative companies. Needless to say, the Internet made enormous impact on businesses, society and our lives. Probably in the magnitude of electricity. 
We have now started to connect also devices, things, infrastructure, animals and all the rest to the Internet. Good enough technology and networks are there to make it useful and affordable now. Nations, enterprises and human beings across the globe share three fundamental challenges which require connected things to be addressed properly: Safety & Security, Sustainability and Efficiency. The development will be similar to when we connected people and businesses but the impact will probably be even bigger. And one thing is for sure: ignorance was an acceptable excuse last time, but it will not be now. We have seen the movie before and all alarm systems are working well! Decision makers need to get on top of what this extended Internet will mean for their business and industry. I have written a guide to help them: ”What decision makers need to know about M2M aka the Internet of Things“. It doesn’t require any technical interest or expertise since it is focusing on operational and strategic issues. Drop me an email if you want me to send you a personal free copy of the guide. 
Internet of Everything, which is the term I use most, is developing very fast. When technology and networks became "good enough" 2-3 years ago the mobile industry seized the lead. With almost as many mobile subscriptions as people on the globe this fast growing industry was looking for a new high potential market to fuel their growth. Ericsson announced the "50 Billion connected devices" vision and all mobile operators created M2M plans, units and strategies. But it is important to remember that Internet of Everything is not only about mobile networks. It is about connecting things over any network, wireless or fixed, that is available and relevant. 
The gold of M2M is the data created. Collecting, manipulating, combining and distributing it is where most value will be created. And when the information is distributed to apps or business systems the value becomes visible. Open API:s are key to this process. The data will enable new products, business models and most importantly transition from products to services. It is amazing to see that already now, Internet of Everything has entered its teens with less focus on the actual connectivity and more on real life trials and pilots. I always suggest that clients stop trying to figure out what could happen if they connect their things and jump into a trial to see what actually happens and go from there. The method I follow when working with clients to identify what value Internet of Everything can bring to their organization and industry is called M2M For Real™ and it is based on using real life examples from different industries to inspire and drive creativity. This approach works well also in seminars: Mobil Business just organized M2M For Real™ 2013 in Stockholm with eleven real life cases presented to some 130 attendees with great results. 
With data being the gold and early trials the preferred approach I believe M2M Specialist Service Enablers is key to a successful Internet of Everything implementations. They take care of the connectivity with or without partners and provide tools and building blocks for a specific industry or function which makes it quick and affordable to develop and maintain your application. Using standard API:s makes business application integration straight forward and if they have a service offering the time from idea to test is minimal. M2M Service Enablement fits our Swedish DNA well why I have started the Swedish M2M Service Enabler alliance about a year ago and today we have 13 members and 5 sponsors. Our alliance is well received and our next joint effort will be a bilateral collaboration at M2M Summit in Düsseldorf, Germany, September 10 where we exhibit together with Business Sweden as the partner country 2013. We have a really exciting fall in front of ourselves. 
That's all for now.
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