My personal thoughts and views of M2M aka Internet of Everything

                          The Internet of Everything Chronicle #4

We are already in April and the Internet of Everything is getting more attention and interest than ever. The shifting focus from connectivity towards data and applications continues to bring drastic change. Google's 3,2B$ acquisition of Nest with "the thermostat that Jobs would have loved" in January gave 2014 a flying start. 
Mobil operators are suddenly moving in different directions.Telenor Connexion follows the customers and want to become technology agnostic while Tele2 Group just announced their M2M strategy being connectivity and partnerships. And the others are somewhere in between. Choice is definitely good news for the customers and developers of applications. And Internet of Everything applications need to be connectivity agnostic. 
The traditional IT and datacom vendors are beefing up their investments in the Internet of Everything. Cisco has made the most serious and coherent effort to date including some acquisitions, innovation challenges and being hosts for the Internet of Things World Forum. Oracle, IBM, Apple, Google and SAP are active as well but it is less clear how they view their role in the creation of the Internet of Everything. And now, finally, also Microsoft has started to move and I am really looking forward to seeing which role they want to play. There is even a branding dimension of the Internet of Everything demonstrated by the joint Ferrari and Apple announcement earlier this year which didn't bring a leading edge solution but the power of two fantastic brands. 
New connectivity options are emerging and Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacons are examples of short distance technologies rapidly gaining popularity. They are all low power consumers meaning that small cheap sensors can have batteries lasting maybe 4-5 years. Similar low power solutions like Sigfox and Weightless Low Power comes to market to offer Internet of Things connectivity over bigger distances. These technologies make it realistic to connect a dog, a bicycle, a smoke detector and to monitor a water pipe or mail box. 
The change of focus from connectivity towards data and applications brings a requirement to adopt to ways of working in the world of Internet and IT. Applications are built from a stack of technology from different providers, most often based on de-facto standards. And information gathered and refined need to be distributed to an ERP application, decision making software, a mobile app or maybe a web page in order to become valuable. Application development anno 2014 means going mobile, developing with customers and agile prototyping and testing with users. Connected devices like Arduino, iBeacon, TI Sensor Tag and Raspberry PI together with tools like Evothings Studio enables all of that for mobile IoT applications. This means that enterprises now can prototype and rapidly and interactively test their IoT application ideas. And this will bring Internet of Everything from teenage into the grown up phase. I believe enablement of rapid prototyping and testing of Mobile IoT apps in enterprises is a game changer why I recently joined the Evothings team. 
Internet of Things was a key theme at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. And partnerships were on everyones lips. But it is easier said than done to form successful partnerships. It is rarely technology but rather trust, business model, culture or ways of working that makes partnerships complicated. Numerous initiatives are announced including most recently the Industrial Internet Consortium with AT&T, Cisco, GE , IBM and Intel, and TI's partnership for cloud services for their chips including 21emetry, ARM, Arrayent, Exosite, IBM, Spark, Thingsquare and Xively. Tele2 presented a couple of strong partners including Wipro and CSL at their launch showing that also operators follow. Generally speaking I think it is important to have a very specific objective and agenda for a partnership to become successful. In the case of Internet of Everything we have everything from alliances between operators and generic partner programs to specific ones like Industrial Internet Consortium and my own Swedish M2M Service Enablers which now includes 25 members and 8 sponsors. 
That's all for now. Be aware, a lot of change ahead! 
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