Fall 2015 Newsletter
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Fall Schedule Changes

Welcome back to all our clients who have been away on summer holidays!

Autumn is upon us, and we reluctantly start settling back into work-mode. Schedules shift, too as we come home from the cottage and get the kids back into the school routine.

Please let us know about any upcoming schedule changes you would like to make for your dog!

Services tend to fill up quickly this time of year, so make sure to get your bookings in early to avoid disappointment.

MDS Superdog


Age: 6, Breed: Weimeraner

Emma is a Metro Dogstop all-star, attending daycare each Monday, and joining walker Noel for playdates in the park every afternoon.

She knows how to work a crowd for extra treats, bringing a Old Hollywood glamour to the playroom. However, Emma doesn't give her affection away easily! She employs a coquettish aloofness to make all the humans bend over backwards to gain her approval before allowing them the privilege of providing her with goodies and cuddles. How very Vivienne Leigh, of you Emma!

Emma is a very classy lady, and the MDS staff always looks forward to spending time with her!

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Are You a Dog Whisperer?

If your dog is healthy and you feel you need to raise your voice to get a desired behaviour, there just might be a better way to get through to them.


A dog’s ability to hear is significantly greater than our own. You don't have to be a big “tough guy,” or have a booming voice to train a dog. Dogs can detect and hear four times as many sounds, and on average double the range of frequencies that we can. To put it into perspective, what a person can hear at 20 feet a dog can hear at around 80 feet.


Although we primarily communicate verbally, dogs do not. Dogs respond much better to body language than verbal cues. Notice how your dog reacts to your body language and pay attention to theirs. Hand signals are a very effective training tool used either on their own or in combination with your voice. Signals are especially good for deaf or aging pets that become hard of hearing. In these cases using vibration, like tapping the ground can be good to get their attention.


Dogs learn to associate their behaviours with your feedback within a quarter of a second. What this means is if you want to reward your dog for a desired behaviour, you need to give the positive feedback while your dog is doing the behaviour. Yes, you have to be quick! It takes a lot of practice to get good timing. Essentially you have to mark the behaviour which can be done successfully with various methods such as clicker training or using a monosyllabic word.


Sometimes there is miscommunication between us and our pets. Be sure to teach your dog what you expect of them. Be fair and consistent when you are practising commands or teaching good manners. Some dogs learn quickly and are more intuitive than others. Be patient and teach them what you want from them, before raising your expectations. Your dog is more likely to follow your guidance if you are fair, have clear expectations, are consistent, and reward them for good behaviour. Remember to have fun, play and bond with your dog –all this without having to raise your voice!

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Now Accepting e-Transfers!

Due to the overwhleming number of client inquiries, MDS is now accepting payments via e-transfer for your convenience. 

Please ask us for more information about email and password requirements to utilize this new method of payment.

We hope that e-transfers make it even faster and easier for you to use MDS' services, and we're excited about the prospect of spending even more time with your pups!
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