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Our instruments for 2014
  1. Kinematic Viscosity (OmniTek, Spectro Inc)
  2. Rheology / Dynamic Viscosity (Rheosys)
  3. Elemental Spectrometry (Spectro Inc, Xenemetrix)
  4. Molecular Spectrometry (Spectro Inc, Wilks IR, Active Spectrum)
  5. Particle Analysis / Wear Shape Analysis (Spectro Inc, Innosiris)
  6. Integrated solutions (Spectro Inc)
Mystery product ...

to be introduced 1stQ 2014
1. Kinematic Viscosity
OmniTek U-Visc series
Fully automated viscometer system according ASTM D445 / DIN 3104. Choose from 1 or 2 independent heated baths and 1,2 or 4 fast-run or multi-range viscometers per system. Sample pre-heater available per tube.
Compact design, fast analysis, little sample and solvent consumption. Viscosity range from 0.5 - 10,000 cSt.

Variants: U-VIsc 110, 120, 210 or 220
OmniTek S-flow series

Automated viscometer systems according ASTM D7279 (Houillon). Accuracy meets ASTM D445. Choose from 1 or 2 independent heated baths, 4 independent viscometers per bath. Ultra fast analysis time of 50 - 150 seconds.
Compact design, ultra low sample and solvent consumption. Viscosity range from 0.5 - 3,000 cSt.

Variants: S-flow 400, 850, 1200 or 3000
SpectroVisc Q3000 / Q3050

World's only portable and true kinematic viscometer that has solvent free operation. Analysis time in minutes, cleaning by just wiping off measured oil.

Compact design, thermo controlled at 40 °C and applicable for fluid viscosity between 1 and 700 cSt.

Ideal for on-site viscosity measurement
2. Rheology / Dynamic Viscosity
Rheosys Merlin rheometer

Ideal instrument to determine rheological properties of non-Newtonian fluids, pastes, ointments, oils, fats, greases, food stuff and many more.

Rheometer comes complete with set of 3 measuring systems (Cone & Plate, Parallel Plate, and Co-Axial Cylinders), Peltier controlled sample holder for use between -10 to 120 °C. Advanced rheological software included.

Ask for our extremely competitive price
3. Elemental Spectrometry
Spectro Q100 Elemental Spectrometer for heavy fuels, oils and grease
  • Immediate start-up; very easy to operate and maintain
  • Standard configuration includes 22 elements
    • Wear Metals: Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni, Ag, Sn, Ti, V, Zn
    • Contaminants: B, Ca, K, Si, Na
    • Additives: Ba, B, Ca, Cr, Cu, Mg, Mo, P, Si, Z
  • An additional 13 elements (Sb, Bi, As, In, Co, Zr, W, Sr, Li, Ce, Nb and Rh) can be added at anytime without the need for hardware upgrades
  • The Spectroil Q100 is customized for laboratory environment
Fast and easy installation and commissioning
Xenemetrix Genius IF - ED-XRF spectrometer
  • Non-destructive elemental analysis, C(6) - Fm(100), starting from sub-ppm to 100% concentrations
  • Unique patented geometry combines eight secondary targets and eight customizable tube filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements
  • Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) enables extremely high count rate applications with excellent energy resolution, down to 123eV, suitable for both high and low Z elements & light elements optimized detector
  • Sample tray with 8/16 positions
  • Strong analytical software package
Very versatile, excellent price / performance ratio
4. Molecular Spectrometry
Spectro FLSC 1000 FluidScan
  • Analyzes fresh and used lubricants, hydraulic fluids, biodiesel and feedstock
  • Flip-top cell, solvent free operation
  • Infra-red operation; results in minutes
Oxidation, Nitration, Sulfation, Soot, TAN, TBN, Water, Anti-wear additive

Ideal for on-site oil analysis
Wilks InfraCal series
  • Mid IR analyzers
  • ATR cell; flow trough cell or cuvette holder available
  • Single button measurement
  • Very easy to operate and maintain
Programmable units available (VFA series) - way easier in operation compared to FT-IR.

Best choice for factory quality control
Active Spectrum ESR

Electron Spin Resonance principle allows for analysis on unpaired electrons. Not sensitive to sample matrix.

Examples: Soot, Peroxides, Stabilizers, Nitrogen components, Asphaltenes

Research instrument or for analysis of specific components
5. Particle Analysis
Spectro LNF Q200

Particle Counter and Wear Shape Classifier; Complies to NEW ASTM D7596 Standard
  • Silhouette Shape Analysis
  • ISO / NAS / Navair classes
  • Analysis up to 2% soot and 320 cSt
  • Wear shape classification in sliding, cutting and fatigue wear, non-metallics, water
  • Dynamic viscometer
Very easy to operate, automatic flow adjustment, no calibration, autosampler available

Sample analysis and wear shape classification in minutes
Innosiris OILPAS
  • On-line particle detection system
  • Discrimination between air-bubble, water or solid particles
  • Connect directly to any running equipment, engine or industrial pipe line
  • Optical detection by CCD system
  • On-line visual particle presentation and calculation
  • Ability to switch of machine or valve based on particle count
For on-site applications
6. Integrated solutions
Spectro Q5800 Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System
  • Filtration particle quantifier (FPQ) tower for abnormal wear metal analysis using XRF technology and particle counting
  • Solvent- free kinematic viscometer at 40 °C that measures lubricant kinematic viscosity
  • Infrared spectrometer featuring an innovative flip-top cell TAN/TBN, water content, soot, oxidation and mixed up fluids using infrared technology
Rugged design for on-site, field-based use
Spectro 5200 Trivector Analyzer

Principle root causes of equipment failure include unseen corrosion, contaminants, improper lubrication and machine wear.

The Spectro 5200 combines a range of tests into one piece of equipment, including dielectric measurement, magnetic differentiation of wear particles, water detection, laser particle counting, viscosity and the ability to make wear debris filter patches for microscopic examination.

Complete Ferrograhic solution

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