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10 to 50 times faster than traditional GC's
Admittedly, when those of us at Falcon Analytical consider the extraordinary value of the CALIDUS™ GC we do feel some slight frustration that this breakthrough gas chromatography technology has not yet been embraced by everyone.

Please don't misunderstand. We appreciate that there are many CALIDUS GC users already and we know that change takes time.

Indeed, we are very sympathetic to those who are still not convinced and we thought it might be worthwhile to review some common perceptions and questions that may play a role in resisting a new GC technology . . . even one that performs 10 to 50 times faster than traditional GC's.

Here are a few . . .

Three Stream CALIDUS Process System

Falcon and the CALIDUS GC are still unproven

The CALIDUS GC has been offered commercially for nearly 5 years and deployed in a wide range of lab, online, at-line and field applications. One three-stream process system, for example, has completed over 500,000 analyses with zero downtime.

A new Ultrafast ASTM D-7798 SIMDIS Method, employed by the CALIDUS GC (proposed D-2887 equivalent) can provide simulated distillation for fuels characterizations in just 84 seconds. This method has already advanced to Inter-Lab Study.

The CALIDUS GC may not be able to handle my application.

With its modular columns and detectors platform, application range is second only to analytical speed in the list of CALIDUS GC advantages. Consider these diverse capabilities:


  • Gas or liquid samples
  • Fixed gases & hydrocarbons up to C44
  • Petroleum products & biodiesel formulations up to C55
  • FID, TCD, DBD, or FPD detector modules
  • Rotary sample valve or syringe
  • Single column module lengths up to 8 meters 
  • Dual column module units up to 16 meters


Falcon even offers dual detection models and its own, PALARUS™ GC Autosampler.

I just can't seem to accept that a smaller GC is as capable, reliable and durable as the traditional big GC's.

CALIDUS was designed to be a complete and nearly universally applicable high performance GC. With its sturdy, 1/8" gauge aluminum housing, reduced switching valves and system integrity checking routines programmed onboard CALIDUS may be the most durable and reliable GC on the market today. Considering the CALIDUS GC's speed and wide range of application it is actually more capable than most traditional GC's.

And haven't we all seen that technology tends to become smaller as it advances? We all benefit from smaller but more powerful computers. Nearly everyone has a multitasking computer/wireless smartphone in their pocket these days. Why are we surprised and reluctant when this historical pattern of reduced size and increased capability emerges in gas chromatography?

So . . . don't wait any longer. Contact Omnitek BV today to discuss how the CALIDUS GC can improve your operation.

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