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by Hannes van den Berg
On 7 November 2013 we were blessed with the exciting event of a newborn baby!  Zia took her first breath on that day and our whole family was thankful for the blessing we had received. As responsible parents we decided to invest some money at the end of 2013 to provide an investment savings plan in view of future school and university tuition fees for her.

We decided to invest money in some of the Fairtree hedge funds and acquired a few direct JSE listed shares for her via the Fairtree Private Client business. This business makes use of the Fairtree Asset management skills, combined with the Fairtree Securities trading and execution capabilities to create a private client direct equities portfolio.

Well, what was Zia’s portfolio performance during 2014? The JSE All Share Index overall return for 2014 was pedestrian (just above 10%), in an environment shaken by volatility, not exactly streets ahead of what could have been earned in a good money market fund. African Bank was ushered unceremoniously into curatorship, some companies had to scurry for business rescue and others had to raise capital through rights offers or specific share placements.  Read more

by Jacobus Lacock
“Bull-markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria. The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell” – Sir John Templeton
Don’t sell just yet, the current bull-market is not about to end anytime soon. Investors are doubtful about a sustainable global recovery and the demand for stable dividend yields and certainty of income remains high. Many investors continue to favor the safety of cash and government bonds despite the record low yields they now promise. More than $4 trillion of developed market government bonds are currently promising a negative yield which means investors are willing to pay governments to keep their money safe. 
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The company has made big strides in recent years to diversify its business, attracting new talent and different sources of capital.  Driving through Belville‟s financial district, a short distance from central Cape Town, one can see the Fairtree Capital building standing tall, a concrete sign of the company‟s development into a multi-tiered asset management business.

After significant growth in the past two years, the Fairtree „tree‟ now has many branches, all extending from a core of skilled investment teams grounded in fundamental research and strong support networks.  
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