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Gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. GDP growth is one of the primary indicators used to proxy a country’s economic activity, and is arguably the most important of all economic statistics.

In this month's edition of the Market Overview, Hennie Bezuidenhout discusses the extent to which the world's two biggest economies (US & China)  expanded over the past couple of years.  Click here to download the latest Market Overview.

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Author: Jacobus Lacock
One of the key global geopolitical developments this century has been the shift towards multipolar global economic and political power. For most of the last 60 years we lived in hegemony, a system in which the United States dominated world power and most nations accepted to preserve peace and the status quo.  

The rise of China, Middle East tension, Eurosceptism and failure of bipartisanship in the United States are prominent signs of a world that is navigating its way towards a new multipolar equilibrium of political and economic power. In a system of multipolarity regional powers pursue policies independent of another. Global problems are only addressed in global coordination when they become too serious. Read more


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Author: Ryan Cloete
NEPI is a stock that has polarised views in the market.  While almost all will agree that it is an operational success story, many investors battle to justify the perceived valuation premium at which the stock trades.  We argue that the market incorrectly values the stock, and that once correctly valued, one realises that this is a great company at a fair price.

NEPI is an Eastern European property investor and developer, focusing predominantly on retail malls.  The majority of the property portfolio (c. 82%) is currently invested in Romania, with the remainder of the portfolio in Slovakia and Serbia.  NEPI targets high growth economies which are either in the European Union, or an accession to the European Union.  These emerging European economies are expected to offer higher GDP growth through the cycle than South Africa.  Furthermore, these territories have an extremely low retail mall penetration level, therefore allowing NEPI to enter these cities and develop the dominant, if not only, modern day retail shopping mall, attracting both national and multi-national tenants.  The combination of these two factors create a very strong growth environment for NEPI. Read more
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