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Welcome to the Healthy Workforce Challenge 2017,

Over the next 6 weeks you will be learning how to adapt your current lifestyle to be a little healthier. There is always room for improvement. If you still have to fill in the registration form please do so. You will be asked to create teams of 5 before the start of the program.  

What is important to remember over the next 6 weeks is that you are going to learn things that will benefit you and your family. If you have any questions, issues or problems just let us know and we will come back to you with advice and support. 

You will see a few boxes below with more information and an example of the points available each week. To help you get started we will be sending out your personal portion size meal planner. Follow the instructions and you will find you spend less time preparing food and more time eating it. Small changes are what is going to lead to long term change. 

The weekly points are made up of 4/5 pics of a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. 2/3 pics of the recipes we/you come up with, 2+ Activity pics, 1+ of the exercise routine we send out, one for the team challenge and one for doing something to help you lead a healthier lifestyle going forward. For the first week there are only 9 points available, this goes up to a maximum of 18 regular points but we will throw in a few bonus points too if you want to get them. 

Hit your 10,000 steps a day for the week and it will count as one of your activity points. If you are downloading an app to count your steps get an app called "Pacer" by pacer health, S-health by samsung or the apple iHealth. As your team of five you will be walking around Ireland. Once you submit your steps on a daily basis we will plot your location on a map. Check out for an example. It is a team effort not individual as the example shows.  
To kick things off we have five days worth of meals which we will be adding too every few days with your recipes. For getting this far you can check out the recipes, just click here. Let us know if you cant follow the links. They are a guide so try and include as many of the recipes as you can. More recipes based on the ingredients in your portion guides will go up over the 6 weeks. 
Example of the points on offer each week:
4 x Breakfast Pictures - Pictures of your breakfast
2 x Activity Pictures - Any activity lasting more than 10 mins
1 x Team Challenge - Get a picture with your team together. 
1 x Goal - What is your goal for the challenge (click here). 
1 x Do something to help you lead a healthier lifestyle e.g go for a walk with a family member (if they are active its easier for you to be active), get new runners, cook a healthy meal for your family/housemates (if they eat better you eat better). Anything that you feel will help you lead a healthier lifestyle, simply taking part in the challenge wont count :)
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